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We moved!


Hello, Internet friends. I got sucked into the misery that is moving, which I hope explains the radio silence for the entire month of October. Here’s a little life update…


Weekends are for doing nothing.


Happy holiday weekend. I feel like the #1 question I get asked (other than “What time is it?” by Nick every 15 minutes of every day) is: What are you doing this weekend? I never have an answer because I just can’t plan that far in advance.

For the next three days, we have no plans at all, which is actually my ideal scenario every weekend. I like to kind of just see where the days take me rather than put things on the calendar in advance. This usually ends in me being frustrated that I didn’t “seize the day” but I’d rather have freedom than plans any day of the week.

Here are some snaps from the last week…

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Weekend Wrap 7.5.15

vegan hummus toast

We saw Jurassic World Friday night. I didn’t dislike it but I just didn’t love it the way I wanted to. I suppose that’s to be expected when you mess with a classic I already love that much. I would call Jurassic Park one of the greatest movies of all time but when I said that about Independence Day (the Will Smith one) yesterday, I got all kinds of attitude so I’ll just keep my bad movie opinions to myself.


Weekend Wrap



March has been one hell of a month and I’ve honestly kind of been holding my breath for it to end for like 29 days straight. I just had a ton of stuff going on and a solid dose of personal struggle and am ready for a little more freedom of all kinds. My last big obligation of the month culminated in my company’s 24-hour overnight Hackathon this weekend and I lived to tell the tale.

It went like this.