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All the skincare products I’m using right now

2017 marked my 33nd year in existence and consequently my first foray into real high end skincare.

I am cheap as all hell (and you’ll see that in my daily facial cleanser) but after receiving some gifted products from the best estheticians in town — Toska Husted of Toska European Spa and Deborah Nelms of Esthetique Studio — I have finally seen the light of quality products and am trying to commit to them.

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Coconut Grapefruit Sugar Scrub


I’ve only just recently started getting into a skincare routine mostly because: 30. While I’m paying more attention to the level of moisture under my eyes and, you know, actually washing my face, I’m still super lazy about taking care of the rest of my body.

Truth be told, I don’t like to put on lotion because it becomes a magnet for cat hair. Why would I slather on a paste that makes me a target for hairball tumbleweeds? I don’t need this in my life.

Thankfully this make-at-home exfoliating moisturizing body scrub kills the skincare and moisturizing birds with one stone and is not prone to cat hair attraction.


Curly Hair: Let’s Talk About It


I love having curly hair, but it wasn’t always this way. Growing up I didn’t know I had curly hair and if I did wouldn’t have known what to do with it. Surrounded by friends and family members with straight hair, I just did to mine what they did to theirs: brushed it, blow dried it, over shampooed it… gave it bangs. Today I know these are all terrible atrocities against naturally curly hair, but it took a brave hairdresser suggesting that we let my hair air dry “to see what happens” when I was 13 and about 10 more years of trial and error to get this on lock.

The result of my living in hair denial for so long is a 13-year photographic record of pure horror. If I can save one girl the anguish of these permanent images from which there is no escape, my time here will have been well spent.

Short of filming an in-shower tutorial (which will never happen), here is everything I know about working with curly hair.