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honeystuck grains

Pantry Raid: Stocking a vegetarian kitchen

Breakfast & Smoothies

honeystuck smoothie

Vegan pumpkin oatmeal

Vegan pumpkin smoothie

Cinnamon apple toast with peanut butter & coconut cream – vegan

How I make my PB&J smoothie bowl and PB&J oats – vegan

Three ways to up your smoothie game

Pineapple vanilla smoothie – vegan

Baked apples a la mode breakfast parfait – vegan

Easy apple crisp with peanut butter oat crumble – vegan

Creamy lemon coconut smoothie – vegan

Ginger almond date smoothie – vegan

Broiled grapefruit with coconut cream – vegan

Pancake with blackberry sauce and coconut cream

Vanilla lemon chia smoothie – vegan

Blueberry smoothie – vegan

Fried banana breakfast toast – vegan

Breakfast parfait – vegan

Healthyass blueberry pancake

Peanut butter chocolate smoothie – vegan


honeystuck toast

Easy peas-y tofu scramble – vegan

Easy kale chickpea salad with roasted butternut squash – vegan

Easy coconut curry chickpeas – vegan

Anatomy of a vegan sandwich

Basil lentils over ricotta toast

Chickpea walnut saute – vegan

Goddess lentil wrap – vegan

Spaghetti squash and fried chickpeas – vegan

Toast with summer produce – vegan

Crispy baked tofu over roasted garlic dill mashed potatoes with pesto and walnuts

Queso fresco pesto grilled cheese

Butternut squash apple soup – vegan

Coconut curry lentil soup – vegan

Mom’s vegan chili (all-time favorite)

Pineapple coconut stir fry – vegan


honeystuck potato

Hasselback potatoes – vegan

Easy baked sweet potato chips – vegan

Lemon pepper chickpeas – vegan

Grapefruit guacamole with pomegranate seeds – vegan

Roasted brussels sprouts – vegan


honeystuck cocktail

Wild berry margarita with a lemon honey salt rim

Pineapple lime ginger agua fresca

Orange dill margarita

Strawberry basil lemonade (tequila optional)

How to make pour over coffee

Homemade vegan nut milk

Baked Goods & Desserts

honeystuck vegan pecan pie

Vegan caramel peanut butter cups

Vegan banana-stuffed peanut butter cups

Vegan cashew turtles with creamy date caramel

Easy vegan cheesecake (for 4th of July)

How to veganize a boxed crumb cake

Vegan peanut butter chocolate bars

Raw vegan fig bars (one of my favorite recipes of all time)

Vegan Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

Vegan cake batter blondies

White chocolate almond butter cups

Vegan peppermint chocolate bars

Vegan Snickers bars

Vegan almond butter cups

Vegan triple layer almond butter brownies

Nicecream: Vegan banana soft serve ice cream

Easy vegan peanut butter fudge

Chocolate peanut butter chia pudding – vegan

Vegan pecan pie with coconut cream

3 no-sugar-added desserts – vegan

Vegan turtle cups

Chocolate banana bites – vegan

Vegan chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate-covered almond butter-stuffed figs – vegan

Vegan coconut whipped cream

Best vegan blondies

Vegan cashew cream chocolates

Vegan double chocolate candy cane Christmas cookies

Vegan Twix bars

Vegan brownies with toasted coconut frosting

Dark chocolate truffles – vegan

Vegan banana oatmeal cream pies

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