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Day Trip: Greenville SC

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Yesterday we drove 200 miles just to eat falafel. Sort of.

Our story (and we’re sticking to it) is that we drove 200 miles to bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville SC and then maybe eat falafel along the way. But we all know the real driving force here now don’t we?


Healthyass Blueberry Pancake


One time I was like, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a sweet counterpart to the savory omelet?” I ruminated on it for days minutes and then realized that’s pretty much what we here in the grand US of A call a pancake. Perhaps you’re curious about the singularity of the cake in question. Who eats just one pancake anyway? You will, sassypants. I suppose you could split the batter into two or three babycakes, but I prefer one fat monster roughly the size of a large dinner plate, slathered in peanut butter, downed with coffee. Tomato, tomahto… healthyass pancake.


Banana Oatmeal Cream Pies


I don’t know when or why or why I remember, but one time my mom said something to someone along the lines of: “With Katie, it’s what you see is what you get.” And she’s right. I can’t disguise my emotions (or lack thereof) to save my life (or a relationship). I don’t know (or care?) enough about makeup to convince you I look better than I do. I am at all times covered in cat hair and do not brush my own. It’s all laid out there, no surprises. These cookies, though? These peanut butter buttercream-stuffed cookie sandwiches are some deceitful little mothers… Vegan, gluten-free and–BY GOD–full of oats. (Yeah, I said “butter butter.”)


PB Chocolate Smoothie


I’ve been up since 4 hustling like a boss so I went to extreme measures to consume coffee. You see, my French press cracked and was spewing precious caffeine all over the counter, apparently unaware that I had just filled it with my last remaining coffee grounds. (The nerve.) So in an act that was neither dangerous nor extreme (eyeroll), I wrapped my hands around the soon-to-shatter glass to retain the coffee and then quickly poured as much as I could into my mug. Naturally. I only took a few sips before realizing I might be drinking glass shards and that’s probably bad. So in one final desperate attempt to get a morning buzz, I strained the rest of the coffee through a paper towel into another mug. Totally normal. Have we earned a smoothie yet? Yes.

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Quinoa-Cheddar Crust


Love is adopting your significant other’s dietary restrictions as if it were your own small intestine at stake. My boyfriend has decided he’s “gluten-minimal” which is an imaginary designation somewhere between gluten-free and gimme-that-bread. I don’t even try to argue with him anymore so I made this quiche with a funky, unexpected, flourless but flavorful crust. And then I ate a sandwich.


Avocado Bread


I worry about recipes that inspire me to purchase expensive produce and then let it go bad. (Here’s looking at you, banana bread.) At the same time, I suppose it’s reassuring to know that if ever we are careless with our over-priced perishables, there’s a kinder fate for them than the trashcan. (And at a dollar a pop, avocados have no business in the trash.) So with three avocados on my counter approaching the end of their days, I set out on a Sunday morning food-saving experiment.

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