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Caturday 8.24.13


It’s a lazy day over here at Caturday Headquarters. I’m packing to head to the beach–my first family vacation since… high school? Yeesh. Yeah, I think I can accurately say that all five of us have not been in the same place at the same time for that long. This will be a grand week indeed. And while I do that the cats are, not surprisingly, asleep.

BUT we do have a fairly major announcement to make. Guess who’s back…


Bistro La Bon – Charlotte NC


There are few things I love more than an unassuming diamond of a restaurant tucked away in the “rough” of a strip mall. Perhaps it’s the thrill of the hunt or perhaps it’s feeling like I know something others don’t, but I just can’t get enough.

I recently joined forces with Bistro La Bon, my favorite award-winning restaurant disguised as a Dollar Store, and I can’t wait to help them get the word out about their operation. Insiders will revolt, but I’m letting the world in on a little Plaza Midwood secret.


Vegan Peanut Butter Brownies


Both my boyfriend and roommate can’t eat chocolate and it’s totally cramping my style. Add to that the fact that I work from home and, thus, have no unsuspecting co-workers to coerce with brownies, and you see why I haven’t been baking with chocolate much as of late. Because you know what happens if I do? I have to eat the whole batch by myself. Life is so hard.

Don’t get me wrong; I eat a lot of chocolate. But it’s generally in the form of individual bars rationed for rational human beings rather than entire pans of brownies that must be consumed straight from the pan using a butter knife as a fork. (Not kidding.) A few nights ago I threw caution to the wind, returned to my chocolate roots and made myself some MF brownies. Related: Does anyone want some brownies?

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Caturday 8.17.13


Well. It happened. I caught Ralph and Weaz running drugs out of our apartment. I knew it was only a matter of time.

I wasn’t looking for it. I was just going about my business putting away clothes when I found THIS in my sock drawer:


Chickpea Basil Rice


I’m a big fan of preparing a fat bowl of grains one day and eating it all week long. This is because I am a big opponent of doing dishes and if you make it all on one day you only have to wash that pot once. Laziness breeds ingenuity. That’s where the clap light came from. Also the Abtronic. “Don’t want to do crunches? Here! We will gently electrocute your abdominal muscles until they swell, thus giving the illusion of abs.”

Let’s just stick with saving meal prep time.

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My New Favorite Pizza


I’m not going to the movies with my boyfriend any more. Take me to see World War Z, shame on you. Take me to see Elysium… shame on you again AND I’m not coming with you next time AND you’ll have to smuggle your own candy in inside your pants, a skill we all know is best left to a professional who we all know is me.

At least we ate the best pizza I’ve ever had in Charlotte.


Beast Feast 2013


Food trucks might be lost on me. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the allure of eating carefully crafted food served out of the side of a truck; there’s something unexpected and delightful about the whole street food experience. But the novelty quickly wears off under the soggy weight of Charlotte’s hundred-degree August heat. The best case scenario in this setting is to have multiple trucks churning out food so damn good, people are willing to sweat straight through their spandex waiting in line for it. This is Beast Feast 2013 and this is how I learned to appreciate food trucks no matter how miserable the wait may be.

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