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Is this thing on?

Oh hey.

I haven’t blogged in about a year and a few things have happened — most notably, Nick and I got married in December in a quick little courthouse ceremony we planned in four weeks. (I’m not pregnant and will tell you about the wedding later.)


Chocolate oats

honeystuck chocolate oats

This is my current favorite breakfast. You can eat it hot (as I have been during these frigid winter days) or chilled (overnight oats style). It clocks in at around 500 calories and 33g protein (400 calories and 18g protein if you omit protein powder) so it keeps me full a solid 5 hours until lunch.


Toast for life.

honeystuck toast

If you follow honeystuckblog on Instagram (my personal IG is katie_levans), you probably took note of my toast obsession the last few weeks. Bread with stuff on top, what could go wrong?

Interestingly (is this interesting?), I have not hopped on the avocado toast bandwagon. Avocados are too finicky to be so damn expensive so I avoid the risk of another rotten one by just not buying them at all. I top my toast with hummus and tahini instead. Problem solved.


Easiest lentils ever

honeystuck vegan lentils

It snowed for about 15 minutes in Charlotte today, which is basically a winter storm warning for us around these parts. So I woke up and immediately made soup.

I make lentils all the time and do variations on this base recipe by sometimes adding coconut milk or curry powder or butternut squash. But just like this, at its simplest, this meal reminds me how easy good food can be.

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