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Homemade almond milk

Almond milk is a lot less mysterious than it seems. While some dairy purists will say it’s “not natural” or whatever, almond milk is actually as simple as raw almonds and water. Some commercial non-dairy milks add a bunch of other stuff — stabilizers, sweeteners, etc. — but if you make it at home, you can work with dead simple ingredients. I swear it’s easy.

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Loveluck Wedding

Nick and I got married on Friday, December 2 in a simple courthouse ceremony in Charlotte. We’d been engaged for almost a year and couldn’t see ourselves planning a big, traditional affair so we threw the whole thing together in four weeks instead.


Cruelty-free products: 2

Our rental house (god bless it) doesn’t have a true master bathroom. We have two full baths right next to each other but both are far from master worthy. For reasons unknown, we’ve kept the door to the second bathroom closed for more than a year, suffering together in a too-small powder blue bathroom because that’s what love and cohabitation is, I guess.


Is this thing on?

Oh hey.

I haven’t blogged in about a year and a few things have happened — most notably, Nick and I got married in December in a quick little courthouse ceremony we planned in four weeks. (I’m not pregnant and will tell you about the wedding later.)


Chocolate oats

honeystuck chocolate oats

This is my current favorite breakfast. You can eat it hot (as I have been during these frigid winter days) or chilled (overnight oats style). It clocks in at around 500 calories and 33g protein (400 calories and 18g protein if you omit protein powder) so it keeps me full a solid 5 hours until lunch.