How to remove roller brush from shark vacuum?

How to remove roller brush from shark vacuum

It’s always important to read the manual instructions for every shark vacuum model before you start the process of removing the roller brush. After some time you’ll find that your roller vacuum does not clean the floor well as it used to before. This is because the roller brush gets worn out after some time. Your shark brush is usually made of wood, plastic or in other instances metallic material.

What makes it ineffective is that it might have accumulated a lot of dust over time hence it’s always important to wash it regularly. Another issue is your brush might get worn out over time due to getting old hence it’s important to replace it with a new one after some time.

You’ll also find that some of the new models of shark vacuum clean themselves as they have this capability that has been developed over time. But it’s important to familiarize yourself on how to remove roller brush when it gets worn out.

In this article, I’m going to discuss how to remove the roller brush from shark vacuum.

  •    First, unplug shark vacuum from the power source

When you unplug the vacuum it’s important since it prevents your vacuum from getting broken in case the engine might still be running.

This is important since it ensures that you aren’t electrocuted.  You’ll find that switching off the power on the socket is not enough to mean that you’re safe. You have to unplug the power it from the switch so that you ensure there is no current flowing at all as this can lead to death in some worst scenarios.

  •    Search for the roller brush

Different shark vacuum models have their roller brush located in different locations.  Mostly it’s usually located on the underside of the shark vacuum. By placing it upside down your shark vacuum machine you’re in a position to see the roller brush location.

  •    Remove the screws from your vacuum

When you locate roller brush, you’ll now have to remove the screws so that you can remove it. This is made possible by the fact that every model comes with a set of screws that can be used to unscrew it. Hence all you have to do is locate the fitting screw and use it to unscrew.

It’s always important to place the screws in a safe place so that you don’t lose them.

  •    You have to detach roller brush from the shark vacuum

After you have removed the screw you’ll finally remove the roller brush from the vacuum. You’ll pull one end of the roller as the other end slides as you remove it.

It’s always important to rotate your roller brush in clockwise direction whenever you find that your roller is stuck with other components so that you loosen.


It’s always important to remove the roller brush from your shark vacuum with a lot of care. You should ensure that you ensure that you’re in a position to reassemble back all the parts after you remove them. If you find it quite challenging it’s always important to consult a qualified professional when it comes to this.

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