how to remove roller brush from shark rocket vacuum?

how to remove roller brush from shark rocket vacuum

Among the essential appliances, we should have in our homes are the vacuums. They are important machines to clean up our houses without necessarily touching with our hands. Herein you will learn how to remove roller brush from the popular model in the market, the shark vacuum so that it will work more efficiently for an extended period. Easy steps to carry out this project  Start by unplugging it from the electric connection wallet. This is important to prevent you from the possibilities of electric shocks. Statistics show numberless people all over the world dying each day due to their carelessness in handling electrical appliances.

Switching off electric power isn’t enough to let you stay away from these occurrences in any way. To remain at the safest side ever, it is good you consider detaching the plug to cut off the electric power connection. This is the best way you’re sure that there is no chance electricity will harm you while you’re operating things.  To add on this, this will keep your machine out of cases of broken damage since maybe the machine engine will be still be working if the power is left on. So this might lead to breakage of the brush unexpectedly when trying to remove it.  Find the brush  You’re now tasked to find the roller brush location in the vacuum.

Different vacuum models have their roller brushes located at different sites, so you will take time to find where it has been placed. To most vacuums, it is located right at the underside of the vacuum. To do this easily, you can lay the machine down to locate the roller brush. It will also be easy accessing the bottom screws of the device while in this position. Get off the bottom part of your vacuum to look for the brush.

Follow by loosening the screws.  After you identify where the roller brush has been located, follow to unscrew the surrounding screws to get it out. Shark vacuums provide its users a set of screwdrivers to enable them to get out the screws in a more easy way.  The right screwdriver’s head is essential to help you loosen the bottom screws easily. The screws should be placed in a collecting container or box to ensure you don’t lose them.

Lastly, detach it from the vacuum.  This is the last and final thing to do on this project. You will find the roller brush easily out of the vacuum body once you follow these steps. You can be pulling one end of the roller belt as the other end slides out. You would have come to an end to get your roller brush out of the vacuum.  There are other models that you might find their roller brushes stuck in other components. If this is the case with your vacuum, you should try rotating the roller brush in a clockwise direction until you get it out. These are steps you need to follow to help you get your vacuum roller brush out. Give it a try, and you will get it done.

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