How to Empty Shark Vacuum?

How to Empty Shark Vacuum

A shark vacuum has a plastic dust bin where it stores dirt and rubbles.  You’ll have to empty it regularly so that it doesn’t lose its suction power. It’s very disappointing when you find that your shark vacuum is not working properly. This can be as a result of a buildup of dirt and debris in it.

It’s always important to empty the dirt when it reaches the mark indicated on the shark vacuum as the maximum level it can withhold.  What makes this important is that it will be able to improve its suction power once the dirt has been emptied.

Sometimes you can even empty it when it’s even halfway to increase its performance. You’ll find that there are times when the shark vacuum produces a bad smell and you have to empty it immediately. It’s always good to wash the dust cap as well as the filters in such a scenario to remove the bad smell from it.

The general process of how to empty shark vacuum is as follows:

  •    First, you’ll have to unplug the shark vacuum from the power supply. This is important to avoid situations whereby it might blow dust into you making you look dirty or in other situations get eye problems.•    You’ll then hold its handle at its top as you try to empty the dirt in your shark vacuum. •    Then, you’ll then press the button on its handle so that it can open and remove the dust cup.•    You’ll then go over to trash can where you’ll hold it over the trash can as you prepare yourself to empty it.•    At the bottom, there is a release button. You’ll then press this button which will make it open on the lower side hence releasing dirt inside into the trash can. You’ll then place back dust cup to its position.

Now let’s take a look on how to empty some of the shark vacuum models:

Ø    Shark navigator lift vacuum

When you want to empty it you’ll first have to slide release tabs on the dust cup so that you separate the dust cup. After that, you’ll hold it over the trash can. You’ll then press the release button at the bottom so that you empty the dirt and debris in it.You can even open the top and turn it upside down to make sure all the debris and dirt have been removed.

Ø    Shark Rotator vacuum

In this type of model, you’ll first have to unplug it from the power source. After this, you’ll separate dust cup from the hand vac. You’ll then place dirt cup over the dust bin after which you’ll press the release button to empty dirt and debris. After that, place back the dirt cup.

Ø    Shark rotator vacuum

In this type of shark vacuum, we’ll first separate dust cup from the main body. This is followed by holding the dirt cup over trash can whereby you’ll press the release button to empty its content. You can even turn it upside down before taking it back to its position after closing it properly.


It’s always important to empty your shark vacuum so that you enhance its suction power. This will make you clean your floor with a lot of ease due to high suction power of the machine.

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