How to clean shark vacuum?

How to clean shark vacuum

It’s always important to clean sharp vacuum regularly for you to increase its lifespan as well as its performance.  You’ll find that shark vacuum comes in different models. This implies that you’ll encounter different designs that will require you to remove the various parts in different ways. Taking a look at its production manual is important since it helps you to dismantle its various parts with a lot of ease. Today I’ll take you through the process of cleaning a shark vacuum. It’s always important to unplug the shark vacuum from the power source to make sure you’re not injured.

The process of how to clean shark vacuum:

A shark vacuum should always look spick and spank on the outside. This can be achieved by wiping it properly with a piece of clothing on it. Shark vacuum has different parts namely:•    Filters•    Brush-rolls•    Dirt cupLet’s take a look at how we clean these parts in detail:

•    Cleaning shark vacuum filters

When it comes to cleaning the filters of the shark vacuum you’ll first remove pre-motor filters. A foam filter and felt filter are the two pre-motor filters that we’ll be cleaning in this context. You’ll wash the filters by your hands using cold water until you’re sure they’re clean. You’ll then leave them out in the sun to dry for a day. You’ll then fix them back onto your shark vacuum. It’s always important to clean the filters every two months so that it will offer optimum performance.You’ll then wash the post-motor filter using cold water as well. This is done using your hands as well after which you’ll leave it to dry in the sunshine for a day as well. This should be done after every eight months unless you’re in a dusty region whereby it’s important to wash it regularly.

•    Cleaning brush rolls for shark vacuum

It’s always important to maintain the brush rolls as they form the critical part of a vacuum. First, you’ll have to separate handle from floor attachment.  You’ll then press buttons on the sides so that you remove brush roll garage so that you can access brush rolls.You’ll then remove rubbles while the brush is intact. You have to remove softer roller so that you can also remove rubbles from it. When it’s very dirty you wash and leave it to the sun to dry.Finally, place back the soft roller and put back the garage cover. Your brush-rolls are now ready for the next task.

•    Cleaning dust cup for your shark vacuum

It’s always good to empty the dust cup when it becomes full. You’ll have to clean the dust cup by washing it with running water both inside and on the outside. You’ll then place it on the sun to dry. Wipe it with a piece of cloth for any water droplet that might have not dried out.  It’s important to clean metal grate using scrubber dishes if your vacuum model has it so that you make sure your vacuum is not clogged and affect its suction.


It’s always important to keep your shark vacuum clean in all parts so it will offer you maximum performance when it comes to cleaning.

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