How to clean honey on the bidet toilet seat

How to clean honey on the bidet toilet seat

When you are trying to remove honey from any surface it can often be a difficult task. If the honey has been there for awhile then it might have hardened and you will have better luck cleaning it if you can warm it up in some way. This can easily be done by placing a very hot towel over the honey for a few seconds, a minute or more. You will be able to have a much easier time with wiping it from your bidet if you have any honey stuck on it. Use a cleaning cloth and warm it up with boiling water or run the hot water tap for a few seconds and then get it nice and wet. Take it over to the honey and set it down on the spot, after a few seconds try wiping it and see if that does not help to remove any.

Make A Cleaning Solution

What you should use to clean the honey is any sort of at home cleaning solution that you might have around the house. You can try to make your own by mixing one teaspoon of simple dishwashing detergent with at least two cups of warm water. Once you have this mixture together then you can dip your cloth in that mixture and try to clean the honey from the bidet. You can also use other things around the house for cleaning like apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, or also some baking soda.

If you want to know how to clean honey on the bidet toilet seat the important thing to know is that it can be done and there are multiple ways to go about trying to clean it. You can spray some sort of cleaning detergent on the spot and wait for that to sink in, then give it a scrub and see if that does not help to make it come off from the toilet seat. You could also try to heat it up some and pour hot water over the spot or use a hot cloth to try and warm it up while or before scrubbing it off the toilet seat. These are two easy steps to try and take at first to see if you cannot get it to easily come off the toilet seat. If there is a great deal of honey on the bidet toilet seat then you might want to scrape some of that off with a spatula or use toilet paper. But if the honey is stuck right on there, a butter knife can also do the trick unless you are worried about marking up your bidet toilet seat.

Use What You Have

The best thing to try and use are at home cleaning ingredients that you might have around the house. Hot water can usually do the trick, especially if you use boiling hot water but you need to be careful when pouring that water. You also need to be careful when you go dipping the cloth into the hot water as well. If you have tried other attempts to clean it and the honey is still stuck then think about trying to go with the hot water and you might get a much better result.

There are some very simple at home cleaning techniques that you can use and they involve low cost cleaning supplies like lemon juice or a lemon, mixed with warm water. You can also use baking soda or apple cider vinegar. These are great solutions to opt for if you do not have a specific household cleaner in your cabinet right now to use, or any bathroom cleaner.

You might already have your very own specific bathroom cleaner that you regularly use at home, one that you like to use for your toilet seat and that can be used with simple scrubbing and your cleaning cloth. Combining that bathroom cleaner with the hot water is going to give you a better chance at removing the honey that is stuck on there. So when you want to know how to clean honey on the bidet toilet seat the answer is putting a little elbow work into the mix and combining that with cleaning supplies or hot water to increase chances of removal.

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