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25 Days of Yoga: Week 3 Schedule

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Week three is here! I confess I missed one day entirely (on the 10th) and have had two home practices that consisted of about 15 minutes of flow. BUT… I am back in a rhythm with my body and my practice and it feels great. I hope you’re enjoying it too. Here are you videos for week three… This will take us all the way up to 12/21 and then there are just four practices left!


When Enough is Enough

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I was on a rampage yesterday.

I only live two miles from Uptown where I work but on any given evening it will usually take me 45 minutes to get home. The logical part of me knows this is easy as far as most commutes go. Most people deal with this and much much worse. But for me there is something so maddening about being so close and yet so stuck, about knowing I could run the distance twice in the amount of time I’m sitting in my car at rush hour watching the last precious rays of winter light disappear.

I have moments of clear calm logic like, “Yes, just sit here and look at these lovely lights and listen to this NPR and just soak it in. This is fine.” And then there are moments like last night when a switch flips and I’m like the Hulk raging out and pulling a very illegal U-turn in the middle of the street followed by a 4-point turn to get myself situated in the other direction away from what appeared to be construction traffic.

It was not my finest moment. When I did finally make it home I walked straight across the street to Okra Yoga for day 4 of 25 Days of Yoga. The theme of the class, god help me, was santosha–contentment.

“With each breath you’re responsible for deciding when enough is enough,” said the teacher. I just laughed and decided: enough with the anger.


So Be Here.

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For me, day 1 of 25 Days of Yoga was a 60-minute hot vinyasa flow taught by the one and only Jen Decurtins. If you don’t know her, Jen is this enigmatic force of calm and strength and cool. She walked away from a job in advertising to pursue a career in fitness a few years ago and in the process has picked up a few book deals along the way. No big deal. Girls (and probably guys) want to be her. Guys (and probably girls) want to be with her. As I doubt my own decisions about current life directions, part of me would sometimes love to hate her but she’s simply not unlikeable. She’s just one of those. (Also have you seen her new puppy?)

So when Jen accepted a new role at a new studio that a friend of ours bought out, and I was looking for a new space to explore my old practice… I followed her over for a change of scenery. And I do not regret it.


25 Days of Yoga 2014

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Several years ago when I was still getting into yoga I did a 25-day challenge on my old blog to keep myself focused on this new great thing I’d added to my life instead of all the frenzied madness that can sometimes accompany the season. At the time I was already practicing almost daily so it wasn’t much of a thing. Lately though, I haven’t been practicing much (if at all). A good week is two or three times but that might be followed by a week or two of no yoga at all. I’m in desperate need of a return to my regular yoga practice so I thought this would be a nice way to bring it home for the holidays.

I know not everyone can get into a studio so here’s what I’m offering up for those of you that would like to join in…