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Wear It: Flannel + Flair


If whatever you do on New Year’s Eve foreshadows what you’ll do for the rest of the year, I’ll be trying to fancy up old resale clothes with over-the-top cheap jewelry. Sounds about right.

Nick and I watched the ball drop from a lumberjack-themed house party complete with outdoor tarp tent. I consider this 10 steps up from a bourgie Uptown club party with all-you-can-drink shitty champagne and just one step down from being asleep in my bed. So it was good.

Obviously flannel is pretty much required at such an event, but I decided if I didn’t get to dress up I’d still go dripping in gold.

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Sometime last year my friend and wildly talented wardrobe stylist Erica Hanks posted articles damning cheap mass produced clothing and encouraging people to consider the impact this “fast fashion” has on the world. I read it and processed it but rolled my eyes and chose to ignore it. I know who Erica’s clients are and I know the labels she works with and I know I, like most people, can’t afford those things. So give me my cheap Forever21 and TJMaxx and I’ll bank the savings, thank you very much.

But at what cost?

The more I thought about what Erica was preaching the more I realized my fast fashion addiction was at serious odds with my imperfect but earnest attempt to follow a moral compass that steers me towards more ethically produced food and beauty products. So why should my clothes be any different? Because I was focused on price, not value.


Wear It: WINTER GEAR (and straight hair!)

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 8.38.56 AM

I keep forgetting that Wednesday is my “fashion” day so here’s a quick little look at my uniform for the next four months…

Last weekend my sister and I went shopping with my mom and both bought this hooded vest at Banana Republic. I don’t know about her, but I haven’t taken it off since. Since both my winter coats are (STILL) sitting in a garbage bag full of dry cleaning (for the last three months), this is currently my only defense against the elements.

And it doesn’t even defend my arms.

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Mixing prints is an excellent life choice but is also arguably a little on the tricky side. Stripes are a good place to start because they (like leopard print) are basically a neutral.

While mixed prints should look effortlessly undone (in a polished totally-meant-to-do-that kind of way), there are some tricks to the trade. I’m no expert or anything, but that’s what the internet is for, my friends.

Here are some tips…



Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 7.57.34 AM

I’m on an oversized sweatshirt kick from which there is no escape.

My new predictable fall get-up is one part practicality (it’s unseasonably cold and my winter coats have been sitting in a trash bag to go to the dry cleaner for three months) and one part pure laziness (sweatshirts are the next best thing to wearing pajamas to work).

Here is what I’m talking about…



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Marshall’s (and TJMaxx and Home Goods and that whole family of don’t-throw-it-away-we’ll-take-it stores) is a treasure trove of designer goods but for some reason no one believes me. According to their corporate site, Marshall’s is the largest “off-price” retailer in the US and according to me “off-price” means cheap, y’all.

I get that they’re not the loveliest stores on earth and I get that they’re not really organized and I get that 80% of their stock is straight up garbage, but I personally also get a whole of awesome stuff in there. You just have to dig.

I have picked up Coach purses, Gucci sunglasses, Seven jeans, killer shoes, expensive department store face creams and most recently this adorable little Kate Spade Saturday dress. (Unrelated to fashion but worthy of note, I also love picking up discounted “gourmet” food here. Things like chia seed bars and kale chips and assorted other overpriced things that didn’t sell in other stores find their way here with a cheaper price tag and eventually straight into my face. The home decor stuff is also so awesome.)