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Asheville by Food

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I’m probably selling Asheville really short but I’m serious when I say I only go there to eat. When I lived in Greenville, a quick hour drive up to Asheville just for lunch was never out of the question on a lazy Saturday. Now that the drive is doubled from Charlotte so are my meals when I finally get there.

In six hours I managed to squeeze in lunch, coffee, cocktails, dinner and dessert. LEGGO.



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Remember how someone told me that whatever you’re doing on the first of the year is what you’ll do all year? And I was flying? Well, I have not stopped and I kind of like it so much I almost fell for the tricky limited-time in-flight credit card offer that comes with some too-good-to-be-true offer of like a billion miles that you can redeem to fly anywhere you want. (It’s not limited time if you say it on every flight I’m on, hello I’m on to you.)

Anyway, I made a quick and dirty drive-by in New York for work and only received one panicked text from my sister that Tilly was missing. She was actually just trapped under the bed, which is worse. (She got out.)


San Francisco

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I can’t decide if I should nod affirmatively or cringe every time someone says “You’re never coming back home, are you?” It’s either a sign that I seriously hate my home all the time or I just love to explore my options. I like to think it’s the latter. Either way, I’m well aware of the fact that I fall victim to the “escape itch” precisely every two years–in cities, relationships, careers and everything. And while Charlotte has already reached its expiration date for me, I know I won’t be going anywhere any time soon so I figure a little wanderlust is always welcome.

Last weekend I had the chance to travel to San Francisco for the first time to represent Y2 Yoga and Front Desk at the Yoga Journal Conference. Despite total jet lag delirium coming down from my trip to Tanzania, I am positive that the city by the bay is my spirit animal.

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A friend of mine from Delhi told me at the end of December that there’s an Indian superstition  that whatever you do on New Year’s day you’ll do for the rest of the year. Starting on January 1, 2014 and since then I’ve been on 10 flights to or through eight different cities on three different continents. I’d say travel is my thing this year.

First up was a quit-your-job, change-your-life kind of trip to Tanzania with The Lunch Project (which I’ll tell you all about when I have the words). After that I crash landed in Charlotte just long enough to pack my bags and head over to San Francisco on business. Tonight I came home without a jacket, house keys, car keys or my drivers license (all of which are somewhere in St. Paul, Minnesota) uninspired to go grocery shopping and eager to just make do with what I have because, as it turns out, what I have is more than enough. There’s no better way to learn that than living out of a suitcase for three weeks.


Minneapolis by Food


I’m not sure what I thought Minneapolis was supposed to be like, but after locating it on a map (just kidding, not) I decided it would be cold and also full of cheese and sausage and beer. And then I realized that’s Milwaukee. So in a rather convoluted, roundabout way, I landed in Minneapolis with no expectations whatsoever. (Except for it to be cold because my mom emailed me and reminded me to bring a sweater.)

What I found was pleasantly surprising. Here’s a taste of my trip via Instagram…


Quick Mini Pizza


Finding one thing  I love so much that I drown myself in it until I’m near suffocation is pretty much always my modus operandi when it comes to work, relationships and food. Work until I want to cry? Sure! Love until I can’t breathe? Standard! Eat the exact same thing for two weeks and then never eat it again… Yep! Some might call this manic. I call it Tuesday.

What I’m saying is I’ve eaten pizza three out of my last four meals and I’m just not worried about it.

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Day Trip: Greenville SC

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Yesterday we drove 200 miles just to eat falafel. Sort of.

Our story (and we’re sticking to it) is that we drove 200 miles to bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville SC and then maybe eat falafel along the way. But we all know the real driving force here now don’t we?