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Vietnam Grille

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When trying a restaurant for the first time, an empty house is a pretty good indicator of what’s to come. In a bad way.

“Where is everybody?” the owner shamelessly announces as we walk in.

We’re the only two people in the restaurant at peak dinner hour, and he seems more surprised than we are that no one is there. “It’s Restaurant Week,” I inform him. At that very moment everyone was undoubtedly streaming into Charlotte’s 100 best restaurants for a three-course meal deal while I, on the other hand, wanted to be anywhere but. With PlateShare’s Android beta launching at the event, I’d had about all the Restaurant Week I could handle, which is how we landed in this humble spot on South Blvd on one of the hottest dining nights of the year.

“Oh… More for us!” he laughs and gets back to running his restaurant, empty or not.


Our Charlotte Spots


Two years ago Adam picked me up in the pouring rain for a date that I didn’t know he knew was a date until he ordered a bottle of wine and kissed me in the car. (I knew it was a date all along.) The rest, as they say, would be history if that history had led straight to a clearly defined indisputable relationship. But it didn’t.

Instead, we dragged each other through one seriously exhausting year of off, on, and all the way to LA before finally landing at “I love you.” He drove me certifiably insane (and straight into the arms of reality TV romance) with his decidedly casual level of commitment. And I, no doubt, attempted to play it entirely too cool, expressing no emotion at all to protect myself from The Fall.

In the end, we got it together. And through it all, we ate. A lot. These are some of our favorite Charlotte date spots.


Bistro La Bon – Charlotte NC


There are few things I love more than an unassuming diamond of a restaurant tucked away in the “rough” of a strip mall. Perhaps it’s the thrill of the hunt or perhaps it’s feeling like I know something others don’t, but I just can’t get enough.

I recently joined forces with Bistro La Bon, my favorite award-winning restaurant disguised as a Dollar Store, and I can’t wait to help them get the word out about their operation. Insiders will revolt, but I’m letting the world in on a little Plaza Midwood secret.


My New Favorite Pizza


I’m not going to the movies with my boyfriend any more. Take me to see World War Z, shame on you. Take me to see Elysium… shame on you again AND I’m not coming with you next time AND you’ll have to smuggle your own candy in inside your pants, a skill we all know is best left to a professional who we all know is me.

At least we ate the best pizza I’ve ever had in Charlotte.