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The Day in Food


Hello! If you’re a former Sweet Tater Blog reader, thanks for that BUT ALSO… That blog hasn’t been a part of my life for well over a year now so I let the domain expire. As of yesterday is now home to Dr. Miguel Delgado’s plastic surgery practice and is full of boobs. So… follow or unfollow it at your leisure. I got lots of emails and messages yesterday about it so to reiterate: I do not own and can’t do anything about the boobs that are now on it. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for a “mommy makeover” we’ve totally found your guy.

RIP Sweet Tater Blog.

Other than that, here’s a little rundown of my life via food yesterday…


Asheville by Food

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I’m probably selling Asheville really short but I’m serious when I say I only go there to eat. When I lived in Greenville, a quick hour drive up to Asheville just for lunch was never out of the question on a lazy Saturday. Now that the drive is doubled from Charlotte so are my meals when I finally get there.

In six hours I managed to squeeze in lunch, coffee, cocktails, dinner and dessert. LEGGO.


BARCocoa at The Ritz

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I’ve been to The Ritz never in my life and then suddenly twice in one week. I’m such a fraud.

Last week was a black tie gala for work hosted by the British Consul. I went with my work BFF who convinced me to wear fake eyelashes for the first time. We found the most hilarious and uncensored woman there and all had a raucous good time.

Tonight was a menu preview at BARCocoa, the hotel’s on-site dessert boutique. I was supposed to be at a baseball game, but when given the choice between sports and macarons I think we all know where I stand. When I tell you this event made my day I mean it made my day.


#CLTsnow: Open Restaurants & Bars

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Charlotte is suffering epidemic rates of cabin fever but we need not let the snow slow our roll. The following is a list of all the restaurants and bars open during the storm. Remember this may change as conditions change.

Also note: You should really only be walking to locations in your hood and I hope it goes without saying that you should never (ever ever ever ever ever) drink and drive. You should follow @CLTdining on Twitter for more updates, and Creative Loafing has a list too. Tweet me @katie_levans or comment here if I’m missing anyone…

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Bang Bang Burger

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Being a homebody is allegedly a characteristic of people born under the sign of the Cancer crab. Something about living in a shell… or something. I happen to be a Cancer and I also happen to have very strong attachment to my home base so let’s call it scientific fact. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy or even equipped with cable, but wherever or whatever my little shell may be, it does have to be mine–just the way I want it.

I move every year without fail and it always takes me a really long time to settle in. It feels like a waste to me to put any effort into buying furniture and hanging things up if I’ll just turn around and uproot in 11 months. But I’ve realized this leaves me sitting in a home that is never quite uniquely mine and it drives me crazy. So this year I’m trying really hard to make it happen.


JJ’s Red Hots

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If there’s one thing I love more than solid branding and a killer logo, it’s a restaurant in the South that doesn’t forget about vegetarians. (We’re here! We love you! We have money! Feed us!) JJ’s Red Hots has it all–a successful flagship location on East Boulevard that oozes curb appeal and a meat-heavy menu with a polite nod to lost vegetarians who find themselves inside.

If you’re a vegetarian brave enough to walk into a building guarded by a maniacal pitchfork-wielding wiener, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find food you can actually eat. What JJ’s did artfully (and perhaps completely by accident) was appeal to two very different types of vegetarians: those who will eat imitation meat and those who will not.

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