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Anatomy of a Vegan Sandwich


Let’s make a delicious sandwich, shall we?

I’ve had so many crap vegetarian sandwiches in my day–usually some soggy piece of garbage full of oily vegetables brutalized beyond recognition, mushrooms, and loads of cheese. That, or it’s some lame pile of raw vegetables with yellow mustard. Stop it.

There’s an art to building a decent and filling sandwich free of meat, and just giving us the toppings from a meat sandwich and calling it a day is not the answer. Here’s a look at a simple satisfying vegan sandwich.


Meal Prep


Yesterday I had grand plans to go furniture shopping for the new apartment. Later this week I’m basically tripling my square footage two doors down from my current unit and am in desperate need of all the things. Then I remembered I went to Vegas this month and am totally out of cash money so I just cooked all day instead.

We can just sit on boxes for a bit…


Toast Starring Summer Produce

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Yesterday I had grand plans to go to Chipotle for the billionth time this month but instead I got so excited about my farmers market haul that I delayed mealtime a solid hour just to make this toast happen. It was skip-Chipotle-good.

I’m “training” for a “triathlon”, which is hilarious in itself but less hilarious is me stuck in farmers market traffic at the lunching hour after a fairly substantial bike ride. (And by substantial I mean 45 minutes and by bike ride I mean a spin class at the Y so… It’s going really well.)

I drunkenly agreed to do this race a few weeks ago and am attempting to keep my inebriated word by taking it seriously but the bottom line is: CATS DON’T SWIM. There’s also not a competitive bone in my body so trying to convince me that I’m going to feel bad about myself if I’m the last one out of the water is a terrible, terrible argument because that is actually not a problem.

Anyway, let’s eat toast.

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Back to Work

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 10.13.44 PM

It’s possible I neglected to mention I started a new job last week. I’m still doing all my projects and working on PlateShare and cranking away at the studio, but now I also have this thing that requires that I put on pants every day and travel around and stuff. Life is hard.

Anyway, I’m trying to retrain myself to live within the confines of a normal adult schedule again. I operate at a pretty high frequency and am thriving in the SO-MUCH-TO-DO atmosphere. But I will tell you: going back to work after doing whatever you feel like doing for two years is kind of like re-learning how to ride a bike–imbalance, bodily harm and a strong desire for training wheels.

(Oh, you thought I was going to say it just comes back to you right away? Nope.)