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Loveluck House Tour: Inside our simple little rental

Interior design is not my forte. I’m cheap and highly agitated by clutter of any kind so investing in things to fill up my house isn’t something I find easy. The result is that our house is just a minimalist hodgepodge of IKEA and thrift stuff I’ve accumulated over the years.

But I think it’s fun to see how other people live so, by request, here’s a look at my unimpressive set up…

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The 8 Most Important Tools in My Kitchen

kitchen gear

I love useless infomercial products as much as the next person, but there is only so much counter and storage space in each kitchen, and if you’re smart it’s reserved for only those products that have stood the test of time–and really make your life better/easier/fuller.

For me, the kitchen is my favorite place to be and I spend a lot of time there so the products I use in it have to be sturdy (because I use them constantly), beautiful (because I look at them daily) and useful (because ain’t nobody got time for that).

Here are my favorites:


DIY: All Gold Everything

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I spent most of my day spray painting everything in my life gold. I regret nothing. It’s no surprise that black and white (together) is my (non) color of choice but gold is the metallic accent that pulls it all together. I love over-the-top Baroque-style architecture but at home I really only have my one gigantic ornate hideous gold Goodwill mirror. Today, with two cans of gold spray paint, that all changed.

The home redecorating rampage was triggered by a page I saw in the June HGTV Magazine immediately after rolling my eyes and saying, “I hate this hideous magazine. They never do anything I like.” Karma. I seriously ripped the page out and carried it through Ikea, Target, HomeGoods and Marshall’s until I assembled my necessary elements.

Feel free to read the rest of this post to the soundtrack of this song that makes me think I’m so much cooler than I am and am walking into a room dripping in gold. Meanwhile I’m pretty sure I don’t own a single piece of real gold anything, but spray paint is a solid stand in.

Fake it ’til to you make it. Let’s decorate.