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Friday Favorites


Hello! Happy Friday. I do all things the old fashioned way, including reading blogs by typing the address into a browser each day. I just like it this way. Anyway, I have just finally gone down the Bloglovin’ path to help me read and find more blogs so…

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With that business handled, here’s whats good this week…

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Friday Favorites


Sometimes I meditate on my own death and I swear it’s not as morbid as it sounds. It’s not the actual last breath I think about so much as what I hope my life is before that–where I’ve invested my time and resources¬†and love, and who is there, and how I’m remembered. I guess technically it’s more a meditation on life, but it’s the thought of its inevitable end that triggers it.

Yesterday I was filling up my water bottle at the fountain and this came up: What would I be doing right now if I knew I was going to die in six months? (Probably not filling up my water bottle.)

I stood there for a second and I stared out the window over-dramatically like in a movie and got some really, really clear answers. It was actually kind of uplifting to come to the realization that I could seek those answers without the whole dying in six months thing. I could just go ahead and live and that sounds pretty cool to me.

How’s that for a Thursday afternoon kick straight to the face? Other than dramatic daydreams at the water fountain, here’s what’s good…


Friday Favorites

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Tears rolled (and just kept rolling) out of my head and all over Nick last night just because he said… (wait for it)… something very sweet. It’s been grey and shitty here in Charlotte for going on, I don’t know, a month straight, and while the weekend promises sunshine and a rise in temperature, I expect little relief from my temporary insanity until about April. God help us all.

So while hormones and winter rage, let’s talk about good things.