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Homemade almond milk

Almond milk is a lot less mysterious than it seems. While some dairy purists will say it’s “not natural” or whatever, almond milk is actually as simple as raw almonds and water. Some commercial non-dairy milks add a bunch of other stuff — stabilizers, sweeteners, etc. — but if you make it at home, you can work with dead simple ingredients. I swear it’s easy.

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Wild berry margarita with a lemon honey salt rim because I have no chill


As anyone who has ever encountered me in their life can tell you, I have precisely zero chill when it comes to interacting with other people. I want to know where we’re going, when I need to be ready, what I should be wearing, how we’re getting there and so on. When I’m on my own I’m just kind of floating around the world doing whatever, but when my world has to align with someone else’s I NEED ANSWERS.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to request advance notice of such things considering I need a solid two hours for my hair to dry. So when Nick had answers to zero of these questions at 6 o’clock on the Friday night he was in charge of planning, I countered my rising irrational rage with a margarita. Chill level: pro.

It didn’t work. I still lost my mind when he said, “Are you ready?” instead of “You look nice” when I was clearly already ready. Like I said, no chill. Anyway, the margarita is good.


Pineapple Lime Ginger Agua Fresca

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If summer won’t come to me I’m just going straight to it with this refreshing tropical fruit-infused water, tequila optional.

This drink is inspired by Berrybrook Farms, a cute little natural foods store in Dilworth with a made-to-order cafe and juice bar inside. My favorite drink on the menu is a blend of pineapple, ginger, cinnamon, lime and honey. I truly feel invincible when I’m drinking it, like I’m doing my body a favor. My least favorite thing, however, is paying $5 for it so now I just make it at home.


The Placebo Cocktail

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Apple cider vinegar is a darling of the “alternative health” world claiming miracle cures for everything from weight loss and acne to dandruff, yeast infections, sunburns and high cholesterol. While a simple Google search returns a wealth of lay literature on the topic, clinical evidence is pretty hard to come by.

So why do I drink it every day?


Orange Dill Margarita

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I’ve hit that glorious and unbearable age where my favorite bars are whichever ones have available seats, very few patrons, throwback music being played at a moderate volume, and drinks that do not suck. It’s hard to find them all in one place but Saturday night my friend Kseniya knocked it out of the park on our late-night hunt for Justin Timberlake. (We didn’t find him, but we did find some excellent cocktails.)

Blue was dead aside from a private party for the Alpha Kappa Alpha convention complete with DJ spinning remixes of such tunes as VIC “Wobble” and Ashlee Simpson “Pieces of Me”, which was totally totally working for me after about four drinks. We dodged cover, found seats at the otherwise empty bar, sipped on jalapeno strawberry-infused vodka and wiggled in our chairs. So old. So happy.


Slingshot Coffee

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The first time I saw Slingshot was on my favorite food photographer’s Instagram. I die over everything she does, but I found this project particularly perfect because I love the company’s branding and the way Vanessa finessed it in the shoot. If you read her creative process behind the coffee shoot, you can see just how much work goes into branding a product and how flawlessly she maintained the integrity of the Slingshot brand in these images.

Being that this particular photographer lives in Brooklyn I drooled over the photos, blindly assumed the coffee was from there too and moved on with my life without a taste test.

And then last week I saw it sitting there on the Whole Foods shelf in all its black and white glory right here in Charlotte. Turns out Slingshot hails from Raleigh. Who knew?


Strawberry Basil Lemonade (with tequila, duh)

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Today I was instructed to calm the F down on my day off so I made this tequila cocktail at 3pm and gave up. (Censored just for you, Mom.)

Am I the only one who thinks days off are supremely stressful? Hear me out here…

The thing about a day off is that I want to do all the things I want to do. This usually includes: go to the gym, go to yoga, go for a run, clean apartment, wash car, get gas, cook three meals, prepare 2-3 blog-worthy treats, write something worth a shit, read more than one book (THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS), get coffee, go shopping, get a pedicure, visit niece, call mom, feel extreme pressure to be at the lake because everyone else is, be outside, do something “new and different”, wonder why days off are so MF stressful. At some point I should probably see another human being in a social setting, but I just really like being alone and then I worry about how weird I am.

Since it’s impossible to do all the things I want to do with my free time, I always feel like I completely wasted the time off. I cannot win. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to figure out what I want to do that I just do nothing at all. Today, for example, I didn’t leave the apartment until noon and then I feel like I didn’t do anything at all. Which is apparently what a day off is supposed to be. I do not understand. Let’s drink tequila.