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Category: Clothes

Ramblings + #NONEWFASHION wedding attire


Today was a pretty good day. I get to do all kinds of weird different things now and today was what I’m calling a “buzz” day where I check out different “coming soon” concepts to present to our readers and then watch the buzz build up. I like it. Today this included a new pub, a new vegan boutique and a new food truck. Highlight: sampling french fries from WhatTheFriesCLT.


Things I Wear

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 10.20.38 PM

Some very nice people have asked me recently to talk about what I wear, which makes me feel super awesome and special like “OH MY GOD SOMEONE NOTICED I GOT DRESSED TODAY” so I’m going to do that. We’re going to have to address the fact that there are lots of pictures of me taking pictures of me. I need us to all just deal with that. If Clueless taught us anything it’s that you are always supposed to take a picture of your outfit before you wear it. Everyone knows this.

Anyway, as you will quickly learn, this is a ridiculous post because the answer to what I wear is that I just wear cheap, cheap shit all the time. Every single thing I own comes from: TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Target, department store clearance racks and assorted resale shops in town. But I do feel like I’m a master of these shopping environments and have fallen into a pretty consistent well-defined personal style.

My “signature”, if you will, is a heavily adorned right wrist filled with watches, beads, bangles, hairbands and whatever else I can find to overcompensate for the fact that I don’t have a tattoo there.

Other than that, this is kind of what I’m working with…