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Caturday 7.11.15

Weasel Levans

Hello and happy Caturday. Nick bought Weasel a cat tree of her very own this week because Ralph has claimed the other one as hers and hers alone. (He bought the first one after Tilly died and I think realized that he is in fact in love with these cats and doesn’t want them to go away. Admit it!)

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Caturday 6.6.15


Happy Caturday!

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our foster dog Charlie any minute now. She’s already been adopted but had a scheduling snafu with fosters so she’s staying with us this weekend until her new family is ready for her. (Cats are not actually eager.)

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Caturday 3.21.15 – Long Live Tilly Two Legs


Happy solemn Caturday. It makes me so sad to sit here at my desk in Tilly’s room (she really did have her own bedroom, that’s not a joke) without my little monster next to me. I think I underestimated what a force Tilly was in our lives until I got home and felt the hollow emptiness without her here. She was so vocal and so communicative and so responsive to my voice and I talked to her all the time. She always knew where we were and wanted to be there with all of us. She would shuffle from one room to the next to get in on the action or at least watch from the doorway and I keep finding myself listening for that swish swish swish scooting across the floor. For a two-legged cat, Tilly was on the move a lot.

It’s funny that I moved from a studio to a two-bedroom apartment to accommodate my growing cat family (crazy town, I know) only to find that we were all still always in one room together. They just all liked to be wherever Nick and I were and some of my favorite pictures are of all three of them together flipping furry middle fingers at my attempt to give them each their own space.


Tilly the Two-Legged Cat

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like a made the right decision, like I did right by Tilly and made the choices that would make her better. From where I am now, buried under the weight of grief I have truly never known, it’s mostly doubt and regret and it just really hurts. At the same time, I suppose if I had elected not to go forward with her surgery and she died, I would feel the same way, like I didn’t exhaust every last option to help her. The choices I was presented, I felt, were not choices at all, each one appearing to lead to the same heart-wrenching outcome.


Caturday 3.14.15



We got a new couch this week. I was pretty stressed out about it because I bought it two months ago and it has taken this long to get it customized and delivered and I developed extreme buyer’s remorse in that time.

Luckily, I actually really love it. And Weaz does too.

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