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Category: Baked Goods

How to Veganize a Boxed Crumb Cake


This veganized boxed crumb cake is a product of my failed hairbrained attempt at making vegan coffee cake batter blondies. The problem? Instead of following my procedure for making vegan cake batter blondies, I just did a 1-for-1 vegan substitution for the exact recipe on the box. So I ended up with a vegan crumb cake instead of vegan crumb cake blondies.

There are worse problems.

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Tough Cookie Co.


I love cookies. I find them to be far superior to cupcakes but tied or perhaps even second to brownies, blondies and bars of all kinds. I especially love cookies that deliver sassy little messages like those created by the duo over at Tough Cookie Co. They literally have one that says “What fucking ever”. I NEED ONE EVERY DAY.

This little business sort of popped up overnight in the last couple of months due to popular demand. The two co-founders still have other jobs, but more and more orders are rolling in for their delightful creations, giving the business some powerful organic growth in a very short time.

I dropped by The Daily Press last weekend to check them out at a vintage pop-up shop and came home with a donut and a bag of little honeycomb hexagons.


Cookie Stamps!


I never get out of Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Homegoods without adding at least one item to my haul while standing in line to check out. That’s where they put all the good impulse buys like this triple-message cookie stamp I found the other day. It was a moment of extreme weakness.

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Hippie Lane App Review + Banana Bread


I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with Taline Gabriela and her vegan food empire Hippie Lane. She’s talented and stylish and gorgeous and cool, and I would argue that her monetized recipe app is the future of food blogging (and possibly cookbooks) as we know it. As a consumer of food blogs, a one-time $3.99 fee to access recipes in a beautiful, user-friendly interface and support the recipe creator’s work is a no brainer. I would pay for this app over and over again. As a food blogger, I wish I had thought of it.


Raw Vegan Fig Bars

raw vegan fig bars

I really have no idea why but one of my earlier dates with Nick (like a week in, I think) was a Sunday trip to Costco to use his membership because nothing says “let’s just take this slow” like buying bulk items together. (Seriously though.) I selected an obscure array of things I didn’t even need–dried figs, a dozen air fresheners, like a gallon of almond butter–and decided this man was the greatest man on earth. So anyway, I’ve had this giant Costco-sized sack of dried figs sitting around since the summer and I decided it was high time I put them to good use.

So I made some raw vegan no sugar fig bars. HELLO.


Vegan Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

vegan oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been working with a lot of really clean no-sugar, raw, whole food desserts lately and was in the mood to just make some straight up vegan junk food. No holds barred. What better way to do this than by shoving a packaged cookie inside another cookie? Exactly.

I’m not vegan but I eat whole lot of vegan food and I think there’s this common misconception that it’s all leaves or something. While the foundation of a healthy vegan diet truly is plants and nuts and whole grains and I think that’s how everyone should be eating, you can also make some pretty impressive junk food out of animal-free items.

Exhibit A: this ridiculous cookie-stuffed cookie.