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Our first travel-free Thanksgiving at home

With Nick’s parents traveling and mine already in town, we had nowhere to be but Charlotte for the holiday. And, man, was that nice.

This was our first time in town (and in our new house) as a couple so we went hard on new holiday traditions and I didn’t even hate it. I guess my Grinch heart grew three sizes, as they say.


We kicked things off Wednesday night with a cozy dinner at Alexander Michael’s and a stop by Panthers stadium to see the tree after the lighting festivities had wrapped up.

Nick at Alexander Michael’s
No one lights a tree better than the Panthers.

Thursday morning, we rode our bikes Uptown for the big Thanksgiving Day parade. I was floored by how much we loved that experience.

After the parade we rode over to Romare Bearden Park for strudel at Charlotte Christmas Village, the city’s European-inspired holiday market.

People were tough on this event in its inaugural year last year and it’s really grown and improved a lot. We actually went back again Saturday for mini doughnuts and gluhwein.

The official holiday meal was at my brother and sister-in-law’s house this year and I brought three pies that I totally made myself and did not buy at Suarez Bakery the day before.

Like the good consumers we are, we stopped by Best Buy on the way home to buy a TV for ourselves. We were in and out in like 15 minutes. Don’t let the old Black Friday stampede videos fool you. Everybody shops online now.

In line at Best Buy for pre-Black Friday

Christmas Decorations

Only with Thanksgiving behind us was it appropriate to decorate for Christmas. I don’t know what’s gotten into me this year — maybe it’s marriage or the house — but I’m actually trying instead of just griping about how much I hate the holiday season. Send help.

We’ve had real trees the last couple years but I grew up with a fake one and think that’s the real symbol of Christmas so I did was Jesus did and bought one from Amazon. I am extremely happy with it.

I also picked up a flamingo with a Santa hat from Marshall’s that my sister texted to me as a joke that I took seriously. It’s my favorite thing.

I’m getting lots of questions about the tree on Instagram so here are the details:

Tree: 7.5′ pre-lit Christmas tree [AFFILIATE]
Ornaments: Gold, mint and pink ornaments [AFFILIATE]
Skirt: Got mine at Marshall’s but Amazon has something similar — Faux fur tree skirt [AFFILIATE]

I ordered a second box of the 48-count ornaments because I’m extra and don’t think the coverage is dense enough as is.

Family Time

And, of course, we had lots of Levans family time. We hosted the whole crew at our house today, which was a fun way to really break in the house.

Nick and his dad have birthdays next month so we’ll balance out the Loveluck side at Christmas.

Hope you and yours had a lovely start to the holiday season. Even I’m going to be in the spirit this year.

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