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The single greatest makeup item that I own

Let’s be honest, I do not know how to do makeup. I just don’t. I try but usually just end up making things worse — both in the short-term appearance of my face and the long-term health of my skin.

In fact, I’m actually trying to move away from makeup (foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc.) and towards grownup (read: expensive) skincare instead, but that’s another story for another time. One thing I’ve learned I can’t mess up and that won’t slowly destroy my skin? A little fool-proof brown refinement.

I’m not into the overfilled Instagram eyebrow trend that is completely out of control at the moment. But I am down with looking like I at least have one full set of visible natural eyebrows.

I’m brunette (obviously) but my eyebrows are lighter at the ends and can make me appear to have half an eyebrow in certain light. I’m not here for that so I found a solution even I can’t botch.

The easiest, most subtle fix I’ve found is NYX eyebrow mascara. I use it in the brunette color and just swipe it on like mascara. It takes absolutely zero skill and looks natural, not like you drew your face on.

Please tell me you can tell the difference…

It’s nothing drastic but I think it makes me look just a little more polished, like a finishing touch.

I also like that it doubles as a tint and a gel so my eyebrows show up and stay in place. I absolutely love it. Five stars. A+.

I buy this at Target but you can also get it on Amazon in brunette, blonde, chocolate and black [affiliate links].

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