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Weekend mountain retreat in Saluda, NC

We spent last weekend on a refreshing weekend trip to Saluda, a tiny, 700-person town about 90 miles west of Charlotte (just outside Asheville).

We had planned to just drop in alone but the house was so cool we wanted to share it so my brother and his family ended up dropping in for night two and it completely made the trip.

I already wrote all about everything to see and do in Saluda so let’s just recap some highlights…

We stayed at The Hilltop House thanks to a generous offer from the owners. It’s situated, appropriately enough, high up on a hill with a killer sunset view over the mountains. It feels completely secluded but is only 4 miles from downtown’s restaurants and shops.

The second we walked in the door I texted my brother and sister to come join us if they could. It’s just such a perfect multi-family hangout.

Before my brother and his family rolled into town, Nick and I took Charlie on a hike at Little Bradley Falls, but I chickened out and made us leave after happening upon a massive black snake.

Hiking in and around Charlotte is very different from hiking in the actual mountains and I felt completely overwhelmed by the perceived seclusion and ruggedness. Charlotte-area trails are so highly trafficked they feel like theme park attractions. This was something else and I shut it down so fast. Sorry for being no fun. NOT TODAY, BEARS!

The best part was having the family arrive, including my three-year-old niece and new three-month-old nephew.

We explored the town, hung out with the locals at the Green River Brew depot and made s’mores over the fire back at the house. It was so fun.

As long as I’ve lived in the South I’ve talked about moving away but I wouldn’t trade the proximity to my brother and sister for anything.

Here’s little video from our weekend… My niece talking about s’mores at the end is the absolute best.

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  1. TaMo TaMo

    The. cutest. kids!!!!! (Young and old ones) wink, wink,

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