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Loveluck House Tour: Inside our simple little rental

Interior design is not my forte. I’m cheap and highly agitated by clutter of any kind so investing in things to fill up my house isn’t something I find easy. The result is that our house is just a minimalist hodgepodge of IKEA and thrift stuff I’ve accumulated over the years.

But I think it’s fun to see how other people live so, by request, here’s a look at my unimpressive set up…

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The Kitchen

We live in an old house (built in the early 1900s) and the kitchen is the biggest, most recently renovated space so we tend to spend the majority of our time in here. My “office” is also in the adjacent dining room so there’s no need for me to stray far.

Design wise, there’s not much happening in here. I like things stark, clean and basically unlived-in, and Nick can tell you how I rage out like the Hulk if anything other than what you see here is left out on the counter.

My onion and carrot prints to the left are from Etsy (here and here, but it looks like she closed her shop) and my cute little carrot towels are from Marshall’s (sort of similar options here and here).

I get more questions about my Yoni Alter Charlotte skyline print than anything else. My mom got it for me years ago and I had it framed at Michael’s.

I am fully obsessed with my Ninja coffee maker and the Chefman electric kettle has been a tea game changer.

We added a couple USB surge protector plugs around the house to eliminate the need for keeping up with iPhone charging blocks, and the one in the kitchen has become our primary phone charging dock. Love that thing.

The Dining Room

Definitely nothing special happening in here.

The table and chairs were a Goodwill find that Charlie gnawed on as a puppy.

My desk is from Wayfair, the rug is from HomeGoods and the Charlotte skyline print is from Etsy. I made the POSITIVE VIBES ONLY sign myself out of an old print. You can see my tutorial here.

I got the Carex therapy lamp to help counter my seasonal depression.

The Living Room

We’ve been in this house for a year and a half and I still can’t figure out what to do with this room so we’ve just given up.

I think what we really need is a sectional but we’re not willing to make the investment so I bought an IKEA ottoman that matches the existing couch close enough.

The coffee table is actually a bench from Target, the lamb print is from HomeGoods and the shelves are filled with assorted knickknacks from over the years.

The Bedroom

This room is so small that all we can really fit in it is a king bed and two bedside tables. No exaggeration. The door swings within about a quarter-inch of the foot of the bed. We hate it, but it’s fine.

I do like my silk pillow case though. I also love my essential oil diffuser.

The Closet

Old houses mean tiny closets and that doesn’t work for us so we turned the second bedroom into a walk-in closet by adding 4 IKEA wardrobes.

That’s our steamer to the right (I don’t iron) and Nick’s desk is in this room too.

The Bathroom

This house doesn’t have a true master bath so Nick and I use separate side-by-side bathrooms. Mine is cuter so we’ll skip his on this tour. 🙂

The Back Porch

Last but not least, we have a lovely screened porch out back with an IKEA sectional couch that is pretty much exclusively for Charlie.

Maybe he’ll let us sit on it now that the weather is nice again.


That’s it! That’s where we live.

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    Your house is lovely! 🙂

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