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A few pet supplies that keep us sort of sane

In our house, I’d say Ralph is the one in charge, Weasel is second in command, Charlie just follows their orders and we’re down on the bottom rung of the ladder. Once you accept that your pets are the ones calling the shots, it becomes a little easier to just buy your way into solutions that make your life livable within their world. These are a few of our favorites.

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Cat window perch

Cats like elevated territory but standalone cat tree structures are a hideous nightmare that Ralph and Weaz rarely utilize so we opted instead for these (much cheaper but still pretty ugly) window sill perches. We have two, one for each cat, and they lay on them all the time. The fleece cover is removable and washable. Highly recommend.

High-sided plush cat bed

It has taken us several tries to find the right style bed for our demanding cats. We’ve tried flat pads, covered little igloo-like things and cat sacks all to no avail. We noticed they’d started sleeping in Charlie’s beds, both of which have high plush sides they can lean against so Nick found similar smaller beds at Marshall’s. The cats are delighted. We put them by a window with a bird feeder so they can watch their version of TV all day. It’s worth noting that these are only their daytime beds. They sleep in our bed at night because they own us.

Litter box command central

Litter boxes are the worst part of cat ownership. Everyone knows it. Having a separate litter box zone completely removed from your primary living space is essential for your sanity. Trust me. We put ours in the laundry room and Nick made a little storage cabinet of sorts for them out of an IKEA dresser we were going to give away anyway. It’s this one with the drawers removed. Then we’re able to clip a scoop to it and also keep their food on top away from the dog. Still the worst part of owning a cat though.

Soft-sided cat carriers

Few things cause me greater stress than taking my cats to the vet, and having loud, clanging plastic carriers they refused to get in didn’t help. I finally made the switch to soft-sided carriers and now they just walk right in. It has completely changed my life. We found ours at Marshall’s. The downside is that you can stack them (if that’s a necessity for some reason) and they’re also not protective in the event something shifts (in the car or wherever you’re traveling) and falls onto the carrier. My cats never go further than from our house to the vet so I’m good with it.

Dog toy box

I hate cluttery messes all over the place so Charlie’s toys have to go in a bucket by his bed. He disagrees with me and takes them all out almost as soon as I put them away but I find this little dance adorable enough to keep trying. Charlie’s toy box is a trash can from IKEA but I might get him a soft sided one (linked) because tossing the toys in is so loud right now.

Poop bag leash clip

Essential, obviously. We clip it right onto the leash so we have bags handy every time Charlie goes out. The one I linked to is cooler than ours though because it also comes with a hand sanitizer dispenser, which is brilliant. *adds to cart*

Air-tight pet food containers

We found ours at Marshall’s but the same ones are available (and cheaper) on Amazon. We have a 50-pound container for Charlie’s food and a 15-pound container for the cats. It’s just so much better than dealing with floppy, unsealable bags. Plus, you don’t have to worry about reaching in and finding a bug, which is actually a great fear of mine.

Cardboard cat scratcher

Doesn’t stop them from scratching the couch but they like it so they get it.


  1. Laura Laura

    you should blog more! also, making a request that you do a house tour because i love getting a glimpse inside how people furnish their homes and this was a mini (cat-centric) version of that 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      Haha, thanks! Working on revving up the old blog frequency. I can’t believe I used to do it daily… I’ll add a home tour to my list!

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