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8 Amazon Prime outfits that were actually not total garbage

Buying clothes online is always a gamble. Will it fit? Will I like it? Will it look anything at all like the photos?

Probably not, no. That’s why I still prefer trying clothes on in a store like it’s 1993.

Two exceptions were for my wedding and my honeymoon.

For the wedding, I only had four weeks to find a dress that would become arguably the most iconic garment I would ever don. A month isn’t enough time to even order a traditional gown (let alone have it tailored) so I became a master of high-stakes online shopping for the perfect white dress.

For the honeymoon, we gave ourselves even less runway and booked the damn trip two weeks before leaving. Why are we like this?

In a mad scramble for resort wear on a major time crunch (and within the constraints of my usual frugal budget), I turned to an unlikely resource: Amazon Prime.

I’ll say this: Cheap, unethically sourced clothes are never my first choice and that’s pretty much all you’re going to get on Amazon. I’ve been working on transitioning my wardrobe to higher quality, American-made clothes that don’t make me hate myself for quite some time now, but budget constraints regularly send me back into the arms of cheap fast fashion.

It’s a work in progress and this order was certainly a set back, but all I can say is that I’m human.

Anyway, I didn’t expect any of the items I bought to work out and wasn’t sure what I’d do if they didn’t so imagine my surprise and delight when most of what I bought was perfect for my last-minute trip.

Here’s what I loved from my first Amazon Prime clothing haul [all links are affiliate].

Moxeay Deep V Neck Playsuit Backless Chiffon Short Jumpsuit, $15.99

I liked this backless romper so much I got it in red and the palm leaf pattern. The bottom half is a cheap, thin chiffon material and it’s short but it did the trick.

Mojessy Women’s Strapless Stripe High Waist Wide Leg Long Pants , $20.99

This thing was borderline unwearable and only worked because I have no boobs. You have been forewarned. You’ll notice the stripe pattern is much thinner/tighter than they make it look in the product photo. It’s also worth noting this is a cheap, thin polyester and not the thick cotton it looks like in the photo.

Womens Crop Top Midi Skirt Outfit Two Piece Bodycon Bandage Dress, $13.99

This is a cotton/elastane blend so if you’re looking for a Spanx-style true bodycon level of hold, it’s not here. It comes in 11 different colors and some have a long-sleeve top option.

HOTAPEI Womens Summer Swimsuit Maxi Skirt Wrapped Beach Cover up , $12.99

I liked this cover up so much that I got it in black and white and wore it every day. The “one size” label is a flat out lie though. The wrap could certainly extend and tighten to cover a lot of sizes but there are also buttons in the waistline to really secure it and I have it fastened on the largest of the two.

FANCYINN Women 2 Pieces Outfit Spaghetti Strap Crop Top and Long Pant with Belt, $17.59

Definitely my favorite Amazon purchase. Cheap, flimsy material but what do you want for $17?

Sedrinuo Women’s Top Cross Backless Jumpsuit, $16.90

I just don’t know, ladies. This thing is kind of a liability. The plunge neck is extremely low and the straps seem unreliable. Nothing could make me trust this thing on a dance floor. I do love the backless cut though, and it makes for a cool photo. Beyond that, pretty impractical.

Cupshe Cut To It Shell Irregular Hem One Piece Padded Swimsuit, $23.99

I love this suit so much. I think it runs big and would size down.

Cupshe Fashion Women’s Leaves Printing Stripe Halter One-piece Padding Swimsuit with Cutout, $29.99

Same brand as the black one but such a cute pattern. Again, runs large. This one had a bandeau-style tie back on the top so I could tighten it, but the black one just clipped in the back.


  1. TaMo TaMo

    It all looks so great on you!

  2. Judy Furr Judy Furr

    #ooooomygoodness every little piece…..looks fabulous on you!!!! Love it!!!!

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