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Loveluck Wedding

Nick and I got married on Friday, December 2 in a simple courthouse ceremony in Charlotte. We’d been engaged for almost a year and couldn’t see ourselves planning a big, traditional affair so we threw the whole thing together in four weeks instead.

Our day was special, memorable and emotional in ways I didn’t know would be possible if we bucked the tradition of a bigger affair. But that’s what we did and we couldn’t be happier. You can read all about why and how we planned our wedding the way we did on Charlotte Agenda. Here, I just wanted to share some more photos from the day and details on the vendors who made it happen.

Hair & Makeup

My mom, sister and I had our hair and makeup done at LaLa Girl Makeup Bar, which, sadly, has since closed its physical location. Nicole is still doing on-site appointments though and I can’t recommend her enough.

My mom got matching bomber jackets for my sister and sister-in-law who were my unofficial but obvious bridal party. The night before the wedding they had a mobile nail salon and masseuse come to the hotel for a little mini bachelorette party, too.

Rings & Invitations

Although we only invited immediately family and had already talked to everyone over the phone, we still wanted to send out invitations as a formality. I found a lovely minimalist design template on Etsy (Chynna Hansen Designs) and printed them at Kinko’s.

Nick’s ring is a Rogue knurled band (CrossFitters will understand) and mine was just a tiny diamond band I bought myself in a 5-minute shopping sprint while racing my parking meter Uptown because I felt like Nick had already made a big enough investment with the engagement ring.

Dress & Tux

I didn’t have enough time to get a traditional dress, which can take months to order and tailor, so I ordered a bunch of white dresses from non-wedding retailers online before circling back to the very first one I tried on from ModCloth. It’s no longer available but they have lots of great options in their wedding shop.

Nick wore a J.Crew tux that he already owned and looked pretty damn good if I do say so myself.


We worked with Nectar Floral Designs and kept the flowers simple — a bouquet for me, boutonniere for Nick and a couple arrangements for the dinner tables. We got one of those mini bouquets from Whole Foods for my niece to carry as flower girl.

We had Nick pick my flowers up himself at Nectar because I became obsessed with getting a shot of their adorable little shop on N. Davidson. Worth it.


We got married at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in uptown Charlotte and couldn’t be happier with that decision. I have details in the Charlotte Agenda link in the intro about exactly how to get married at the courthouse if you’re curious.

Because the courthouse where marriages are performed is newer construction and less visually stunning, we walked across the street to the old courthouse to get some photos with a more architecturally impressive backdrop. That’s where the big stone columns and gold doors were.


After our quick, two-minute vows, I did a costume change into a navy lace dress and we moved the party to Halcyon for dinner.

Our desserts (a cake, doughnut cake and cupcakes) were all from Suarez Bakery, as were the “I LOVE YOU” doughnuts I had left in the hotel room earlier that morning for Nick while he was getting ready. My sister and brother-in-law made our cake topper with a laser cutter at the library.

After dinner, we did a dramatic sparkler exit down the grand staircase and then moved the party back to the hotel (Le Meridien) for toasts from our siblings and cocktails on the roof.

Photos & Video

In doing a small, simple wedding, the most important thing to me was that we still had gorgeous visuals to document the day. We worked with Amore Vita Photography and Discover Love Studios and they were fantastic.

They actually both shot my sister’s wedding a couple months prior so I knew what I was getting and didn’t have to think about anything. So grateful for the work they did for us.

I used MixBook to make a lovely little memory book with our photos.

Here’s a teaser video from the day:

We were so thrilled with how everything went and would do it all over again. We really struggled a lot with wedding planning and my best advice is to just do what works for you and your spouse. Tune out all the other noise. It’s for you.


  1. TaMo TaMo

    One of the most perfect days………………EVER!

  2. JennyV JennyV

    Really love this. We were married 10 years ago this July… only 22 and 23 years old. We did the big event wedding which was perfect for us then – I think had we done it at this point in our life we might take notes from you. Love what you did — intimate, personal, and seemingly “you”!
    Side note: 12/2 is my birthday so I think is perfect 😉

  3. Diane McLaughlin Diane McLaughlin

    Like I told you when we bumped into each other at yoga, I have never seen more beautiful wedding pictures in my life. Thanks for sharing more. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. ❤

  4. Ciara Ciara

    These pictures are so beautiful! Every one of them!

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