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Cruelty-free products: 2

Our rental house (god bless it) doesn’t have a true master bathroom. We have two full baths right next to each other but both are far from master worthy. For reasons unknown, we’ve kept the door to the second bathroom closed for more than a year, suffering together in a too-small powder blue bathroom because that’s what love and cohabitation is, I guess.

I decided I couldn’t look at the blue walls anymore so a couple weeks ago I moved and into the much smaller but kind of delightful black and white tile bathroom one door down.

My monochrome aura is alive, I’m telling you. Grown humans are not designed to share grooming space — especially grooming space as tiny and horrible as what is available in our house — and grown humans that hate colors are designed to look at blue walls.

I love my new bathroom in all its cheap Homegoods motivational sign glory.

Now that I’m spreading out in my own bathroom space, I’m clearing out my toiletries and thought it’d be worth revisiting some of my favorite cruelty-free brands. (You can see an old 2014 post about cruelty-free brands I like and why cruelty-free products matter to me here.)

Cruelty-free brands in my shower

[Note: These are Amazon affiliate links. It’s my first time using them and I don’t know what I’m doing. God speed to all of us.]

Jason smoothing coconut body wash – I like Jason products because they’re relatively cheap and readily available (Target carries the brand). You can get a big 30-oz pump for $13. I usually use the lavender one but am a sucker for a new product so  gave the coconut a try.

Alba Botanica Body In The Buff firming espresso & coffee bean scrub – Alba is one of my favorite budget brands. I also use their face wash, facial cleansing wipes and moisturizers. After turning 30 I got pretty obsessive about skincare but only on my face so I got this scrub to exfoliate my whole neglected body.

Alba Botanica pineapple enzyme facial cleanser – See? More Alba. I’m usually not very brand loyal when it comes to facial cleansers. I just look for a gel with a pump that’s not too expensive. But I got hooked on this one and have been buying it repeatedly. I use it with one of those spinning brushes because an esthetician told me washing your face without one is worthless.

Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil shampoo & conditioner – I’ve used Shea Moisture products before but this black castor oil is a new product for me. Super happy with it. I used to exclusively air dry my hair but it takes so damn long I bought a diffuser to speed things up. I got this because I feel like the heat of the dryer is damaging my hair and this is supposed to strengthen and promote growth for heat-styled hair. Sold.

Camille Rose Naturals Fresh Curl – I use this very rarely when my hair is being particularly difficult. It’s a leave-in styling conditioner that smoothes things out. I used to use it daily but have steered towards an even wilder, less tamed look so I don’t care for it most of the time. Big hair, don’t care. Although my hair looks big and voluminous it’s actually very fine and thin and this product isn’t too heavy for it.


  1. Kristin Kristin

    Hey! Love reading all of your agenda (and now blog) stuff and as someone who is trying to make the switch to completely cruelty-free myself, I love this list! May I ask what brand/type of spinning face brush you use? They all seem hella expensive and there are so many to choose from, it’s overwhelming.

    • Katie Katie

      Thanks! Hypocritically, my brush is actually Olay, which is not a cruelty-free brand. But it’s cheap (like $20) and I’ve had it forever. If you search “facial cleansing brush” on Amazon there are a bunch in the $20 – $30 range.

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