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Toast for life.

honeystuck toast

If you follow honeystuckblog on Instagram (my personal IG is katie_levans), you probably took note of my toast obsession the last few weeks. Bread with stuff on top, what could go wrong?

Interestingly (is this interesting?), I have not hopped on the avocado toast bandwagon. Avocados are too finicky to be so damn expensive so I avoid the risk of another rotten one by just not buying them at all. I top my toast with hummus and tahini instead. Problem solved.

The image at the top of this page is Trader Joe’s beet hummus on Ezekiel sesame toast with cucumbers and olive oil. One of my favorites.

This one below is the same toast and beet hummus but with a mix of steamed lentils and green chickpeas (a hidden gem in the Trader Joe’s freezer case).

honeystuck toast

And this one is what I like to call: out of groceries. I was overdue for a grocery store run so this is sesame toast topped with tahini and the last straggling cucumber and stalk of celery I could find. Still good.

honeystuck toast 2

I like the combination of warm toast with fresh, raw toppings. This simple bread + toppings formula really can’t go wrong and is easily translated from toast to flatbreads and afternoon cracker snacks.

For example, this little “pizza” is whole wheat dough topped with hummus, shaved brussels and steamed peas. Basically toast. Also: shameless ring placement.


And this, my current favorite snack obsession, is just Triscuits with hummus, cucumbers, salt and pepper, and olive oil. The best. I’m already kind of sick of it because I eat it every day. Ugh. I always overdose on things I like until I hate them.


What’s on your toast?


  1. I could live on toasted Ezekiel bread with Earth Balance vegan butter. I should probably step my game up and add a vegetable or two!

  2. Grace Grace

    Your first photo is grand; I like the layers of thinly sliced cucumber and beet hummus atop toast. Thanks for introducing me to Trader Joe’s beet hummus! It’s delicious, colorful and not oily.

    • Katie Katie

      Glad you like it!

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