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Check out the updated Honeystuck recipe page

honeystuck recipes

Since my daily grind consists of creating and existing almost exclusively on the Internet, I find that my desire to make tangible things you can hold has skyrocketed. And since I suck at DIY and crafts and anything remotely artistic, I will stick to my true love which is making food.

I realized I suck at sharing this food in an organized manner with anyone else so I finally I finally bit the bullet and updated my recipes by category (Breakfasts & Smoothies, Entrees, Sides, Drinks and Desserts). You can now easily browse quick links to 70+ vegan and vegetarian recipes. So here I am still creating online but the hours of kitchen time that go into these creations keep me sane. So thanks for reading!

honeystuck vegan pecan pie

Check out my updated recipe page and use #honeystuck on social if you re-make anything so I can stalk you.

And remember you can follow me on Instagram as katie_levans for my whole life (mostly pets) or honeystuckblog for just food.


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