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An event-packed attempt at socializing


The last couple of weeks have been insane with events and activities and that whole moving thing. As a textbook introvert I’m inclined to decline or bail on invitations when my days fill up like they have recently but I decided last weekend (with back to back to back to back events on Saturday) that I’m just going to try and be a “yes” more often so I went to everything that day. It’ll probably get dicey and I’ll probably get grumpy, but I can’t shake this nagging reminder that life is short and I should probably not spend most of it alone (although I really like doing that).

A couple weeks ago I went to a theater event by myself by choice even though I had another ticket and do in fact have some friends (Nick was out of town). Who even does that? I do and I love it and I reserve the right to attend events solo in my attempt to maintain some level of introversion while still saying yes to invites. Whew. Ok, updates…


Have you tried bruksbars yet? I love them and they’re handmade here in Charlotte (but you can order online too).


This is the jam bar from Earl’s Grocery. I grabbed it one afternoon for my trolley ride into Uptown to meet up with Nick after work for a thrilling evening of Costco, Marshall’s and grocery shopping. It’s a wild life.


Our house is fully stocked for Halloween and we spent last Sunday decorating the yard. We really hope we get trick-or-treaters this our first year in a house.


Instagram is the worst because if someone posts a pancake I feel inclined to make a pancake. Here I am ruining that process.


I spent Monday driving around town in search of Halloween candy inspired desserts in Charlotte. This vegan Kitty Kat cake from Bean Vegan Cuisine was a winner. You can see all the goods here.



When I’m not eating piles of baked goods, I’m still trying to take it easy on dairy so this vegan veggie pizza from Crisp (left, obviously) is a welcome dinner option. It has herbed hummus instead of cheese.


These vinegar fava crisps were a Marshall’s impulse buy and I LOVE THEM. I’m going back for the barbecue flavor.



Charlie and I did the Rescue Me 5K benefitting the American Pit Bull Foundation on Saturday. We walked the first 2.5 miles and then jogged the end so he could run through the finish line. He got a bandana, treats and some poop bags for his respectable 47-minute finish. I think he was the youngest one there. So funny.


I went from the race to a networking brunch. It’s for a new girl group I’m in in my attempt to be a social human being. I struggle.


Nick and I dropped by the South End Wine festival later that afternoon. It was their first year and there was a line around the block to get in. Pretty impressive. Charlotte loves drinking.


And then that night I attended opening night of Fidelio, my first Opera Carolina experience. My friend Jen came as my date and didn’t hesitate when I suggested we grab a cab to NoDa for pizza in our formalwear. This is why we’re friends.




And just in case anyone is stressed about Charlie’s Instagram-heavy presence over the cats, they’re alive and well and adored. Here’s Weaz in all her glory on the damn counter.


Happy mid-week. I got a question about what hair products I’m using these days and also wanted to do a cruelty-free beauty update so look for that. Hopefully it doesn’t take me a week to get to it. Poor neglected blog.


  1. I love the idea of hummus on a pizza instead of cheese – I’ve never had that before! Also, I too always say “yes” to events and even when I barely have a free moment over a weekend (like last weekend) I still always feel better after I’ve done all of the events. During the week, that’s when I tend to spend more time by myself these days and not go out. xo

  2. I WAS stressed out about the cats. Thank you.

    I’m basically the opposite of you. I load up my social calendar to the brim and then end up crying in the shower at least once a month because I’m so tired and need to learn how to say no. There are perks to being an introvert.

  3. Poor pancake! Haha, loving your blog. And your “girl tribe” shirt 🙂

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