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I missed last week’s life update so here’s a catch up of two weeks back…

Also, can I just tell you it’s supposed to rain for the next five days in Charlotte? Paralyzing despair has already set in. Go on without me.


The season of pumpkin everything is upon us. I don’t go as completely psycho about it as many of my friends, but I have been through three cans of pumpkin so far testing up pumpkin-related recipes for the REAL start of the season, which I say is in October.

pumpkin everything

For example, these pumpkin bars are in the works. This recipe may never see the light of day but I’m playing with it…

Honeystuck pumpkin bars

I eat 10 million bananas a week. Not really. But I do usually consume two of them a day – one in a morning smoothie and one in banana soft serve at night. I store them in the freezer.


Grabbed some cookies from Las Delicas.

Las Delicias Charlotte

I never get anything but the lemongrass tofu at Ben Thanh but last week I decided to branch out and get one of the specials. I don’t even remember what it was now but I want it every single day.

Ben Thanh Charlotte

This is a smoothie bowl topped with peanut butter and coconut cream. I get questions about my toppings sometimes… I buy the organic crunchy salted peanut butter and the full fat coconut cream (in the brown can), both from Trader Joe’s. I don’t do anything to the peanut butter; it’s just thin enough to drizzle. The coconut cream consistency is hit or miss depending on the weather. If it’s warm in the apartment, it comes out of the can light and airy like whipped cream. But if it’s cool it sets up firm more like cream cheese. If it’s in that state you can whip it up in a stand mixer for a nice light dollop. I store it in the fridge.

Oh, and this is also topped with cookie PR Bars. Right now they’re selling by word of mouth so I’ll let you know when they have a full e-commerce site ready to roll.

Honeystuck smoothie bowl

Last weekend we went to a backyardapalooza at my friend’s house so I grabbed some cookies at Suarez Bakery on the way over. Love that place.


Last weekend was a waffle kind of weekend. I made Whole Living Lauren’s vegan waffles. Mine is topped with PB, microwaved raspberries and coconut cream.

Honeystuck vegan waffle

I ate a LOT of Beverly’s Gourmet prepared vegetarian meals over the last couple weeks. I just hit a food rut and didn’t feel like prepping anything. I also heard eating repetitively can make you more productive. You can read about that here. (I live for the Persian barley soup.)



I tried out my second Bar Method class. Still kills me. Also was impressed by the fanciness of it all. You can read about it here.

Katie Levans Bar Method

I went to my first golf tournament (god help us all). I’ve never played before and I also don’t have clubs. I showed up dressed like an idiot and then got to drag down my team by sharing some right-handed clubs (I’m a lefty) and failing for the most part to make contact with the ball. They were cool with it though because it was mostly a day for drinking. Success.


We went to the second-to-last #WeLoveCLT talk. I have perfect attendance for the entire year save for March when Tilly died and I couldn’t function let alone be around human beings.


Our puppy is not a puppy anymore. Look at this little monster’s growth over the last few weeks… I love my boys. (You can follow Charlie on IG. You can find Nick here.) Charlie’s about six months old now. The vet said to have him fixed between six and eight months, waiting on the longer end if we want him to fill out and grow bigger. Since I’m aiming for the biggest dog possible and he’s not exhibiting any undesirable behaviors associated with dog puberty, we’re holding off two more months.

Katie Levans pitbull


Rest assured the cats are still living the dream over here. I think people probably worry about their whereabouts since I’m so photo heavy on Charlie right now. I assure you they are as completely adored as ever.

Ralph and Weaz

Honeystuck on Instagram

I love the clean, cohesive focus of IG accounts that are all about one thing. Since my katie_levans handle is a mash up of all things life related (cats, dogs, food, Charlotte, etc.), I decided to move my food stuff over to its own dedicated handle. You can now follow honeystuckblog for all things food.

Although I’m not vegan, about 90% of my diet is so I’ve decided that I’m going to steer Honeystuck in that direction. I love the creative challenge of coming up with animal-free recipes and personally prefer to eat that way most of the time.

Honeystuck instagram

I’ve pulled old stuff over there to fill it up and make it pretty, and am also creating new things (like these completely insane vegan cashew turtles). Some recipes will go straight onto IG in their entirety, but the longer, more complicated ones will go up here on the blog since they’re tough to type out in the mobile format.

Honeystuck vegan cashew turtles

If you test anything out, please use the #honeystuck tag so I can stalk you. 🙂



  1. Used to be the kind of person who would eat a banana-a-day…and now they kind of never sound appealing. Never thought to just blend them up! Hello – easiest way to get bananas in daily! =)

    • Katie Katie

      I have a hard time with whole bananas too! Something about the consistency just weirds me out.

  2. Lisa B. Lisa B.

    Katie, first of all, I totally “heart” your blog…your writing style…your sense of humor, authenticity, real-ness and refusal to compromise your candidness in order to appeal to the masses. As such, you’ve got a loyal following of people who truly value and appreciate you. I saw this today and HAD to email it to you…as I thought of you immediately when I saw it…and thought you’d like to take on creating your own “Katie-fied” version. 🙂 Check out this link (, and scroll down to the “Pound Cake PB&J Dessert Sandwiches”. (Oh. My. Goodness. YES.) I’d love to see you do a version – or two – on this theme!
    With great respect, Lisa (a fellow Carolina girl)

    • Katie Katie

      Thank you, Lisa! These look incredible. Thanks for reading and for passing along!

  3. What camera do you use?! 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      Just an iPhone 5s

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