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I’m a tidying psycho.


Happy weekend!

I’m a psycho about clutter. Straight. up. psycho. I don’t know why it’s such a trigger for me but I actually believe that every single thing should have its own place and should be returned to that place after every single use and if it’s not I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face. Reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up hasn’t helped the situation because it confirms the theory that you’ll never have to tidy up again if you just consistently return every item to its original place every time. Simple in theory, tricky in practice when your boyfriend strongly rejects the entire concept.

Nick and I were talking about it last night and there’s no way for me to not sound like an overbearing lunatic when I’m like: “The leash should only go on this hook. The keys should only go on this dish by the door. The shoes should only go in this closet.” We were cracking up because he’s not going to stop dropping things anywhere all willynilly and I’m not going to stop putting them somewhere else. We’re doomed. But I’m going to keep fighting the tidying good fight because I’m right. 🙂


Beverly’s Gourmet prepared vegetarian foods are my favorite. I could live off of nothing but these. I could eat the athlete’s lunch (brown rice, tofu, black beans, kale) every single day.


I dropped by the new Juice Bar and got taken for a RIDE. I paid $3 for this thimble of coconut water with one drop of peppermint oil in it because it’s sold as an “elixir shot.” Never again. That raw vegan dark chocolate protein bar was good though.


I made some emergency peanut butter cups with banana slices inside this week. So perfect. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. It’s super easy.


I don’t know why I bought these because the last time I tried Califia Farms it was way too sweet and I hated it. But these were actually really good. I’m a big fan of the triple shot cold brew.


I’m not drinking right now so I was happy when I ran into some friends last weekend and they were on their way to Lenny Boy Brewing. It’s a kombucha brewery that now makes beer too so it’s a win for everyone. I got the blueberry pancake kombucha, which is a blueberry maple flavor.


We can’t make it through a week without pizza. This is Pure Pizza in Plaza Midwood and I think it might be my #1 favorite now. (My top pizza list changes weekly though.)


I’m on a pretzel bagel kick. Nick bought these at Trader Joe’s and decided he doesn’t like them so I’ve been eating one every day for lunch with hummus and veggies.


I can’t stop melting coconut cream and pouring it over smoothies and banana ice cream. The best. This is a chocolate-covered cherry smoothie with coconut cream.


All was not lost when I bought the $3 coconut water shot because I also bought these V’s Raw Protein Bars. They’re small-batch, hand-made bars out of Tennessee and I think it’s cool she landed herself in a chain like Juice Bar.



Not much social life to report. We went to Front Porch Sundays last weekend. It’s a market with food trucks and local vendors. Nick loves 704 Shop more than anything.


We also went to a Charlotte Independence game.


And last night I went to an Elsa Fine party at my sister’s house and hung out with this little monster…



  1. Vanessa Harmon❤️ Vanessa Harmon❤️

    Thank you for the shout out 😍 Makes me happy you enjoyed my protein bars 💛

    • Katie Katie

      They’re great! Thanks for making them!

  2. Laura Laura

    My husband and I went through this exact predicament when we moved in together, except I was the Nick and he was the Katie. However, over the course of three years I began to see the light and am now more OCD than he is. #thereishope

    • Katie Katie

      Ha, this truly gives me hope. Thanks!

  3. It’s so true! People always remark how neat and clean our house is and marvel at how we manage to accomplish it. Not having children is probably the biggest secret but it’s not hard if you put things in their place every time- use it and put it back, very simple! I truly spend barely any of my time tidying up because of that philosophy. Also, I rarely ever lose anything! I always know where my keys, sunglasses, etc are because they always go back in the same spot 🙂 Some call it OCD, I call it low stress and organized, haha

    • Katie Katie

      HA. Glad I’m not alone in this battle.

  4. A kombucha brewery that also serves beer sounds like my personal heaven. When I lived in Seattle, the co-op sold raspberry kombucha beer. I miss that stuff.

    • Katie Katie

      It is the ultimate. I love it.

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