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Weekends are for doing nothing.


Happy holiday weekend. I feel like the #1 question I get asked (other than “What time is it?” by Nick every 15 minutes of every day) is: What are you doing this weekend? I never have an answer because I just can’t plan that far in advance.

For the next three days, we have no plans at all, which is actually my ideal scenario every weekend. I like to kind of just see where the days take me rather than put things on the calendar in advance. This usually ends in me being frustrated that I didn’t “seize the day” but I’d rather have freedom than plans any day of the week.

Here are some snaps from the last week…


I hosted a blind taste test of 7 different Charlotte-area croissants. Reinassance Patisserie took top honors for plain butter and Amelie’s was #1 for chocolate. You can read about it here.



Nick passed the Bar (!!!) and all he wanted in celebration was Chinese food and a bottle of champagne. He also got up the next morning and made Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls. (So good.)



If you think these look delicious, we are one. I regret to inform you they are dog treats. I got Charlie a cannoli and an Oreo and he had massive diarrhea so we’re done with specialty dog treats, thanks.


I took a trip to Salsibury to explore their Main Street area. That post is coming next week, but these lovely little cupcakes from Abigail’s should hold us over until then.


We had dinner at Hobo’s down in Fort Mill with my brother, sister and significant others. I got the tater tots and black bean burger and it was pretty serious business. My sister asked me to be her maid of honor and I told her I’ll have to think about it. (JK JK JK.) We’re going to try on dresses all day tomorrow. Very excited.




I worked from my second office Earl’s yesterday and got a coconut latte and one of those chocolate-dipped macaroons you see here. Please believe I wanted that personal peach pie but it seemed a little excessive.


This is a chocolate blueberry smoothie bowl topped with coconut and chia seeds.


This is a bowl of brown rice, roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, walnuts and cucumber. I could eat something this simple every single day until I die.



I finally committed to a regular (paid) yoga practice. I’ve been in a rut the last year or so trying to find my own personal practice again after quitting teaching and I’ve been studio bouncing and taking free classes here and there. What I need (crave?) is some consistency and a home base. So I bought a 3-month membership at Yoga One this morning because it’s a studio I like and respect but have never attended regularly and is also a space where I don’t really know anyone, which is what I’m looking for right now. Just me and the mat for a little bit.


We sponsored a mayoral forum this past week that had an incredible turn out. It was fun to see people nerd out so hard on politics and to see the candidates get super uncomfortable with the non-traditional PechaKucha-style presentations and young, social audience. Good stuff all around.



I toured Charlotte Rescue Mission’s Rebound men’s campus. They’re trying to crowdsource the renovation of their sad, dilapidated gym so I wrote a story about it. (You can read about that here.) Charlotte has a powerful fitness community so I think we’ll see gyms rise up and donate the equipment and expertise the Mission needs. Really incredible, heartbreaking, uplifting organization.


Nick bought me the new 704Shop hat in grey. IT IS PERFECT. I just love these guys and appreciate what they’re doing to give Charlotte an identity we can hold onto and wear proudly. It’s good for the city.


That’s it! We’re off to do absolutely nothing. Have a lovely weekend.

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