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Booking flights is the worst, right?


Does anyone else have extreme airline booking anxiety? I hate it. I always think I’m going to accidentally book the wrong day (or year) or that there’s a better price on some other site or that I’m entering my personal information wrong or that I’m flying into the wrong airport or that a million other things are going to leave me stranded and/or ripped off. I do this until I’ve avoided booking so long that prices double before I get my act together.

Anyway, I’m trying to book flights for a St. Augustine wedding in October and I don’t know if we should fly in to Jacksonville or Orlando, if we should rent a car or find some kind of bus transportation, if we should stay an extra night to cut flight costs (because will the extra night of hotel cancel out the savings?) and so on into insanity. I think I’ve redone my flight search 17 times this morning. Oof.


I’ve eaten piles of delicious things this week (after saying I need to rein in my pizza obsession at least a little bit).

I made these breakfast cookies from this month’s Clean Eating magazine. Print magazines are my favorite personal treat. I feel like you can find the exact same information (and then some) online but I just like the ritual of sitting down and reading a magazine. These cookies were great as an afternoon snack.


This is a cherry lemon smoothie: 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen cherries, juice of 1 lemon, 2 cups unsweetened almond milk, optional vanilla protein powder. Topped with coconut flakes and chia seeds. So good.


Current obsession: mango slushies. I just put 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks in the blender with 1 cup coconut water and 1 cup water.


Here I am just drinking a Diet Coke like a loser while everyone else drinks beer.


I ordered my first hot latte of the season. I’ve been on an iced coffee bender since about April but our mornings are feeling a little chilly (60s is chilly in NC right now) so I think I can justify the hot coffee.


La Paz closed after 36 years in Charlotte. I wasn’t a regular but it was one of the first restaurants I ever visited before I had even moved here so Nick and I went to say goodbye on their last night. (You can read about it here.)


Ok so we ate some more pizza. Back at Pizzeria Omaggio and this time we got the famous garlic rolls. Holy crap.

IMG_7585 IMG_7587

There is no greater joy than a Sonic cherry limeade after a long hike.


Nick insisted on doughnuts from Suarez Bakery yesterday. He always buys twice as many doughnuts as there are people (we got four). PS – I feel pretty strongly that doughnuts > donuts. Spelling out the word “dough” makes them more appealing to me. Anybody? Anybody?



I had a minor procedure last week that involved some stitches on my leg so I’ve been instructed not to work out for the last 9 days. This is causing me to lose my mind. I’m still walking every day and doing some upper body stuff but simply because I’ve been told not to, all I want to do is run and lunge and do squats.

Other things happening…


Went to hang with my brother, sister-in-law and niece last weekend. I came bearing cupcakes so I can be the favorite aunt.


We hiked McDowell Nature Preserve yesterday. It’s a cool park on the banks of Lake Wylie. Charlie was unamused by our antics.



I had back-to-back events Thursday night: the preview of Nouveaux and #instabeerupCLT at Sugar Creek.




Have a lovely week!



  1. Making a note to get more coconut water and mango at the grocery store. A mango slushie sounds heavenly…as well as doughnuts. Thankfully I’m off to the MN State Fair/Twin Cities next weekend, where all the yummy food will be!

  2. Fly out of Jacksonville. St. Augustine is right next door. Orlando would be a 2 hour drive. Plus, Jacksonville is a much smaller airport and flying in and out is a breeze! I flew out of both airports this summer and security at Jacksonville was way faster.

    If you rent a car, off-site places are cheaper (you call them when you land and they send their company van to pick you up). We used Ace Rent-a-Car from Jacksonville and it cost $125 for 6 days (5 nights). They did, however, want you to carry your own proof of car insurance (not sure if this is because we didn’t want to use theirs). They said it was Florida law, but the other car rental place we used when we were in Orlando didn’t require it. So I’d bring it just in case!

    Also, there’s a bunch of Tropical Smoothie Cafes there, and their sunrise/sunset smoothie is delicious!

  3. Definitely Jax! Much better airport, closer to St Auggie, and usually flights are cheaper in and out!

  4. Ha I actually did that once where I booked a flight for the wrong day. Luckily I realized it immediately after and the airline allowed me to change it. Can’t remember which airline but they told me you have like a 12 hour grace period where they can make adjustments without a penalty.Thank god! So maybe that will help with your anxiety a little? Also I second Heather’s comments. Unless the flight to Orlando is 50% cheaper it’s not worth it. St. Aug is 45 mins from Jax. Make sure you check Southwest! Also you won’t need a car if you’re staying in downtown St. Aug, so maybe an Uber to and from the airport is worthwhile…

    • Katie Katie

      Ha! That does help. That is my nightmare. I booked today. Done and done.

  5. Kikki Kikki

    “Doughnuts” is graceful and highly preferable. “Donuts” is lazy and gimmicky. Done.

  6. Amanda Amanda

    Does Charlotte have allegiant air? It’s a super cheap airline that flies in and out of small airports. They fly into one north of Orlando that’s a bit closer to St Augustine.

    • Katie Katie

      We do! (Well, flies out of Concord, which is close.) But their dates are tough (only flies Thurs/Mon).

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