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A little update since last month


Clearly keeping up with this blog on top of my new work is not going well. Here’s a quick little photo-heavy look at life since I last posted in July.

Thanks for stopping by!


Zio Pizza is currently my favorite pizza place in Charlotte. There’s a new place opening Tuesday though and I’m VERY EXCITED about it. Will report back.


I put some veggie hot dogs in a waffle maker. Surprisingly good. I ate both.


Favorite hydrating summer drink: banana, watermelon and coconut water.


Made banana bread and then also put that in a waffle maker. AMAZING.


Made some raw cheesecake bites because I’m obsessed with BlendLove and want to be them but mine were only meh.


Fancy toast.


Got to tour a local pecan pie operation. One of my favorite things I’ve ever written about.


Finally tried Cedar Land. FALAFEL!


Fell for the Trader Joe’s sample one day and promptly purchased all the ingredients and then ate nothing but that for like two weeks: naan, muhammarra and goat cheese.


Sushi with my friend Jen at Akahana. Buy one, get one free sushi rolls all day every day.


My aunt came into town so we all went to brunch at Toast. This was the damage.


Pizza at my brother’s house.


Stopped by Cupcrazed on my way to Rock Hill. Couldn’t decide what to get so I got two.


Nick took the bar exam up in Raleigh so I drove up and met him in Durham before he went to spend the weekend in Virginia and I flew down to Florida for a bachelorette party. We got dinner at the Soom Soom Pita Pocket food truck. SO GOOD.


I also put a cinnamon bun in a waffle maker. It was also good.


Pure Pizza opened in Plaza Midwood and it’s pretty much tied with Zio as my favorite in town.


There’s a new acai bowl food truck in town so Nick and I grabbed a snack one afternoon when I was covering a story about rescue dogs Uptown.


I love testing out overpriced health food bars. This raw one was really good.


Testing out a local produce delivery service. So far I freaking love it. Everything tastes so much better than the garbage I buy at Trader Joe’s.



I decided I want to read a book a week in this my 30th year. I’m a week behind right now, but so far I’ve gotten through:

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Why is Your Name Upside Down? by David Oakley

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nahesi Coates


I flew down to Key West (via Miami) for a bachelorette party with my rowdy college crew. Reunions with them make my life.


Well holy crap, we adopted a puppy. His name is Charlie and you can keep up with his shenanigans on his Instagram: charlieloveluck. So far the cats are adjusting beautifully and he’s just a wonderful well-behaved little peanut. He’s starting puppy preschool on Tuesday (HAHA).




Thanks for checking in! Will try to post more frequently over here.


  1. TaMo TaMo

    Does Charlie need school supplies? I KNOW how much you love that trip. ; )

  2. Yay puppy! And I love how everything ended up in the waffle maker this month!

  3. Emma Emma

    Thanks for the update! Also, that dog is outrageously cute.

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