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Caturday 7.18.15

Ralphie Levans cat

Hello and Happy Caturday! I’m celebrating with a cat mug full of coffee. I got it in an office secret santa gift exchange six or seven years ago and it has survived as many moves.

Weasel Levans cat

The mystery of the week over here is trying to figure out where Weasel rummaged up the spaghetti noodle that left a telltale stain of sauce all over her face.

I found the gnawed up noodle but no sauce . We know Nick eats spaghetti on the daily but he claims there were no noodles in the trash or anywhere Weaz could get to one. I delight in picturing her opening the fridge for a midnight noodle…

Ralph and Weaz cats

The real reason I’m posting Caturday this week is because Ralph and Weaz want to draw your attention to a heartbreaking story here in our own neighborhood.

Milly and Molly are a cat and dog pair who have been chained up their entire lives. Milly the cat gave birth to five kittens while tethered to a clothesline and Molly has spent every day of her 10-year life tied up. It’s very sad but they have been surrendered to a rescue and are doing much better. Milly may need to have her tail amputated among countless other vet expenses for the pair so if you have any money to spare for their fundraiser, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

We’re not affiliated with the rescue. I just saw the Youcaring page posted to a neighborhood forum and wanted to help draw attention to it. There are still two more dogs chained up at the house.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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