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A book a week this year

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I decided recently that I don’t read enough but, contrary to what I tell myself, it’s not because I don’t have enough time. It’s because when I say I’m going to bed to read I just sit there trolling through instagram like a lump. I can get like 146 weeks deep in some makeup artist’s profile knowing full well I will never recreate any of the looks ever in my life. It’s a sickness, really.

Anyway, I instituted a new NO PHONE IN BED rule that prevents me from flopping down and mindlessly scrolling. I still keep my phone plugged in to charge right next to me bed and it’s definitely still my alarm, but if I want to look at it I have to stand up. It sucks, but it works.

I finished up my first book Better Than Before, which is Gretchen Rubin’s exploration of habit formation. (She also wrote The Happiness Project, which you may know. It was huge.) I’m not a big fan of fiction and prefer self help, historical and autobiographical stuff (which I realize sounds boring… I am boring). At first I found Gretchen to be super unlikable and harsh and then I realized she’s actually exactly like me. Whoops. Funny how that works.

I really enjoyed the book but realize that kind of rigidity and structure definitely isn’t for everyone. What her main argument comes down to though is that the more habits we can form and perform on autopilot, the less we have to think about mundane daily decisions and the more time we can spend living our lives. I can get down with that.

I’ve moved on to Why is Your Name Upside Down? which is a book about life in the advertising world from David Oakley, who actually signed it and handed it to me himself. (His agency is here in Charlotte.) I freaking love it already.

Oakley Why is Your Name Upside Down

It was a pretty surreal moment meeting David and getting his book because I’ve watched him and his agency from afar for a while and always thought he was brilliant and that Boone Oakley be a cool as hell place to work. So when he tweeted to ask if I’d read his book I was like, “Duh, obviously.” And yet there he was all like, “I can’t believe you came here! I can’t believe you’re going to read it!” I was the one who couldn’t believe it, I assure you.

After I picked up my book at David’s agency I decided to pop into The Gallery which is a new cake, coffee and wine shop in South End. They were so excited about some of the coverage they’ve gotten on Charlotte Agenda (which is what I do full time now) that they sat me down with five pieces of cake to try. I’m not saying no to that. Best cake I’ve ever had.


That’s all from me. Today was a loooong day of isolated writing so I’m feeling all emo and weird so tomorrow I’m going to go on an adventure and explore some new stuff to write about.

Oh, and here’s my favorite quote from A Course in Miracles, which I’m starting to revisit every year on my birthday.


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