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Weekend Wrap 7.12.15


Buenos dias. I’ve been up organizing drawers for a couple hours because I’m neurotic like that. The rest of the weekend was pretty cool, though.

Friday I was still recovering from my birthday party hangover so we just went to Marshall’s (our favorite weekend evening activity, sorry) to buy kitchen storage containers and then went to¬†Ho Ho Cherry House for Chinese. I always get the Bean Curd Family Style (fried tofu with brown rice and steamed veggies) and eat the whole thing myself.


Saturday was jam packed so I fueled accordingly at Central Coffee.


I was invited to test out a class at Uprising Fitness, which is a jump rope interval gym up in Cornelius. I despise jumping rope so I basically died. Really enjoyed the workout though, which consists of four strength training circuits with 2 minutes of jumping rope in between. You go through that whole loop twice for a 30-minute, ass-kicking class.

After that I wandered around Davidson for a bit. I perused the farmers market and grabbed a green smoothie at Summit Coffee.



When I got back to CLT, Nick and I dropped by the bookstore opening reception at Soco Gallery. If I could live inside an all white space with pops of color only from cookbooks… I would.


Saturday night was a birthday party at VBGB where we inhaled sweet potato fries and burgers (angus for him, black bean for me) on their famous buttered pretzel buns.



Now I’m off to buy groceries and get rolling on content for Charlotte Agenda for the week. I was 100% worthless on Friday so now I have to catch up. Happy Sunday!


  1. Kikki Kikki

    Is that Max Sweeten from the Bob & Sheri show in front of that coffee shop?

    • Katie Katie

      Oh I don’t know! I freaking love them but I’ve never seen Max in real life. Maybe??

    • That’s definitely Max (in the hat).

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