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Caturday 7.11.15

Weasel Levans

Hello and happy Caturday. Nick bought Weasel a cat tree of her very own this week because Ralph has claimed the other one as hers and hers alone. (He bought the first one after Tilly died and I think realized that he is in fact in love with these cats and doesn’t want them to go away. Admit it!)

Anyway, I turned 30 this week (which was awesome) and this delightful reminder popped up in my Timehop from the time my sister had custom Ralph and Weaz cupcakes made for my 24th. So ridiculous.

Ralph and Weaz cupcakes


It’s funny that they were pretty new to my life at that point. I think I’d had them about a year at that point and already they were cupcake toppers. They own me. I love them. Cats for life.


Ralph and Weaz


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