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Weekend Wrap 7.5.15

vegan hummus toast

We saw Jurassic World Friday night. I didn’t dislike it but I just didn’t love it the way I wanted to. I suppose that’s to be expected when you mess with a classic I already love that much. I would call Jurassic Park one of the greatest movies of all time but when I said that about Independence Day (the Will Smith one) yesterday, I got all kinds of attitude so I’ll just keep my bad movie opinions to myself.

I spent 4th of July at my sister’s pool party, which pretty much involved me drinking loads of tequila from like 2-9pm. It was a welcome departure from reality for a bit. I made makeshift margaritas with tequila, club soda, orange juice and this awesome sriracha mixer I got at Homegoods…

sriracha margarita



I fell asleep before the fireworks went off (OLD) but did manage to eat a soysage before that so I do feel like I got all my festivities in.


4th of July dessert

Today was spent organizing my life, which is basically just me moving stuff around in my closet for hours. Told Weaz we were voting one cat off the island and things weren’t looking good for her…

Weasel Levans


Not really. Nick bought her her own little cat tree since Ralph has laid claim over the other one. She’s still figuring it out.

Weasel cat tree

I wrapped up my closet cleaning by putting more things in it. I went to the resale shop down the street and stuck to a clear boring black and white theme but I’m pretty excited about some stuff I got…



It’s month 7 of my year-long NO NEW FASHION challenge and I can’t decide if it hasn’t been hard at all or if I’m dying for new clothes. It’s like a weird  in-between thing right now.

Ok that’s my weekend. I’m tagging my foodstuff #honeystuck on Instagram so you can stalk that out for plenty of eats… Have a great week! I’m starting a new weight lifting thing (oh no) and turning 30 weeee.

honeystuck instagram


  1. I love the thought of not buying any new clothes in 2016 – it would mean more trips down to the Twin Cities…which isn’t a bad thing! The thrift stores there usually have way more options than in my town! The toast at the beginning? Looks amazing.

    • Katie Katie

      I’ve totally enjoyed it so far. I get the occasional desire for something new but there’s SO MUCH in the thrift and consignment shops. Really good stuff too.

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