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We are the stillness.


Tuesday night I went to Charlotte Yoga for what was Edwin Gil’s 365th consecutive day of practicing yoga. Edwin is an award-winning artist and a hell of a human being whose incredible story of resilience I got to tell in a piece for Charlotte Agenda: From tragic loss to total transformation.


I’m glad I made it to that last class; it helped spark my little yoga fire that has burned bright and then faded out in phases over the last couple years. I love who Edwin is and what his story means, I love rediscovering yoga over and over again, and I love what one woman did with a quote from the story:



Just a great, refreshing experience.

What else…? Some random things…

That beautiful smoothie bowl above is a chocolate raspberry fig bowl I had for breakfast today. And here’s another random snack: ants on a log remix with carrots instead of celery and chopped dates instead of raisins. My flexibility working from home has been freaking beauuuuutiful and I love getting to make every meal here. Love it.



Yesterday I popped in Buffalo Exchange to see if they had any resale clothes I just had to have and found this gem:


Hate to break it to you, but I didn’t buy it.

Probably should have though.

Ok, happy Thursday.

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  1. 365 days??? Wow! That’s is beyond impressive!!

    I took up a challenge for myself to do 30 days and I failed on the 3rd.. never really got back to it after :/

    That quote totally resonates with me! The reason I wanted to do 30 days of yoga and do it in the mornings, was because I feel so quiet inside after a session. And it’s easier to shut down the mind further to sit down and meditate after. It really helps me find and experience space within me, between thoughts and on good days, disappear thoughts for prolonged time periods. Oh well, I need to get on my mat tomorrow!

    By the way, if you are interested in finding space and stillness there are wonderful meditations by spiritual master Mooji on Youtube 🙂

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