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Food & Fun Stuff when I had no internet


Whew. I’ve been internet-less for eight days (my unit was one of the lucky four in our building to get hit) so it’s been all can do to just get my job done.

Here’s some food and fun stuff that’s been happening…


I’ve been living in cafes to get internet access. That coffee and mini German chocolate cake came from Earl’s Grocery, which is my new favorite. Nick and I had dinner at the new ramen house Futo Buta last weekend. I dropped by Joe’s Doughs, a pop-up doughnut shop at Daily Press, last weekend. We had some late-night frozen pizza after a long day of babysitting my niece. And I’m doing a whole lot of smoothies and iced coffee lately. Tis the season, after all.

Fun Stuff

We took my niece to the Whitewater Center and then had her for the evening. It was fun and exhausting.

Nick, my sister-in-law and Charlotte went to meet our maternal grandparents last weekend and that was just a whole lot of fun. They’re 90 and 92 and just as sassy as ever.



I also went to lunch one day with my friend Jen and dropped by #instabeerupCLT to socialize last Thursday.



Cheers to internet access. I will never take it for granted again.

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