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Seriously though, microwave your blueberries


I keep frozen blueberries on hand for blueberry ginger smoothies and have started microwaving a little dish of them to add to my chilled overnight oats. It is amazing and you need to do it. I just wanted to stress that.

I have no internet in my apartment, which is a nightmare when you live online for a living. So I’ve spent the last 24 hours in and out of coffee shops, which could certainly be worse. This is The Daily Press in Noda.



Yesterday was fun and different. I hit up some coffee shops, the Uptown library (and the Carolina archives room), a really cool office tour (that looks down on Michael Jordan’s penthouse rooftop patio) and 7th Street Public Market. Please behold this vegan bacon loaf I found there:



Yesterday was also our biggest day on Charlotte Agenda with just under 18,000 hits. Not bad for about 6 weeks in but we’re just getting started and it’s fun. Anyway, have a great Thursday. Aren’t you glad it’s not Wednesday?


  1. I microwave frozen fruit for waffles and it’s sooo good. I imagine it’s just as tasty for oatmeal. I will have to try that out.

    I’m gonna admit to you that I follow the Agenda and I don’t even live in NC (I keep up with things there since the bulk of my friends are in CLT and Raleigh. I plan to pick up and move to CLT in the future). I love the breakdown of info and how it’s presented. I wish someone around my neck of the woods would create something similar.

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