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Ramblings + #NONEWFASHION wedding attire


Today was a pretty good day. I get to do all kinds of weird different things now and today was what I’m calling a “buzz” day where I check out different “coming soon” concepts to present to our readers and then watch the buzz build up. I like it. Today this included a new pub, a new vegan boutique and a new food truck. Highlight: sampling french fries from WhatTheFriesCLT.

Here we have: sweet potato fries with marshmallow dipping sauce, regular fries with blackberry ketchup and homemade tater tots with sriracha ketchup. They also had an INSANE banana ketchup, which sounds gross but just isn’t.


Today felt productive and good and I checked all the necessary adult garbage off my list like getting insurance… check! But I’m also coming down from the wedding weekend high so I’m moderately depressed about that.


I’m still holding strong to my #NONEWFASHION commitment to buy no new clothing in 2015 so I wore this purple jumpsuit I got at a consignment shop to the rehearsal dinner Friday night and it was my favorite thing ever. Anything with pockets works for me. I hesitated to wear it because I thought something more traditional would be more appropriate but I felt super comfortable and like I looked like me.


And since I was a bridesmaid and that dress was purchased way back in May of 2014, I was good to go on ceremony attire. I thought I’d be screwed on finding decent resale shoes that fit the bride’s “nude” specification, but I hit the jackpot with some practically new Steve Madden’s like two days before the big event.


The mild drama of the day (only because it was so unexpected) was that I had the stylist do a full blowout and straighten my hair. That was motivated in part by the fact that it’s not every day I have a team of stylists to do that and also by the fact that I kind of wanted to fit in with the other bridesmaids so my sister-in-law isn’t stuck with my big head in all her photos for the rest of forever. I’ll look like me on my own wedding day. For this I actually really loved what they did and kept it that way the next day until Nick was like, “Ok, bring Katie back now.”

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

I’m down with the dress up game but just do not have the patience for it. If you so much as blow dry your hair every day, you’re light years ahead of me on the whole upkeep thing.


  1. I love your curls! Straight is fun, but while I don’t have as curly of hair – it has more of slight wave – I just can’t justify spending so much time on my hair! It is fun every once in a while, but I like me best. I love the no new clothes resolution for 2015 – I might have to do that!

  2. I’m so intrigued by this fry place. The next time I visit friends in CLT I’ll be sure to check it out.

    You look great with the blowout but I definitely think your curls fit you more. Love that bridesmaids dress and the jumpsuit!

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