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The Day in Food + a Brutal Workout


I do this weird thing in the summer where I want oats and sandwiches and then in the winter I want smoothies and salads. It makes no sense at all but I roll with it.

If I teach you nothing else, let it be that you should warm your blueberries before you put them in your oatmeal. I just microwave the frozen blueberries (I have on hand for my smoothies) for 30 seconds. Like magic.

This picture is from a couple days ago but I’ve been eating this combination of oats + flax + coconut + peanut butter + warm blueberries on the regular for breakfast.


Lunch was the gorgeous sandwich you see above. Layers from bottom to top = Trader Joe’s avocado salsa (BUY IT!), cucumbers, radishes, tempeh (just cold right out of the package), pickles, hummus. So good.

Since today was sort of a day off I used my free time to turn my snack into a flower. Productive.


Oh. And these chocolate-covered salty almonds from Trader Joe’s. They are my favorite.IMG_1258

Dinner was a custom salad at Crisp with chickpeas, walnuts, carrots, cucumbers, olives, tofu and lemon vinaigrette. Nick got a pizza, naturally.


And Bachelorette viewing snacks included: pretzels, cashews, plantain chips, hummus and more chocolate almonds. How do we feel about this season? I’m bored and mostly trolling through Instagram the whole time. Not feeling it.


Nick has been telling me about this “Murph” workout they do in Crossfit every year on Memorial Day. It’s a 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and another 1-mile run.

I wanted to do it but I’m a little intimidated by the whole Crossfit thing (still) because I can’t really do a pull-up (let alone 100) and I like to work out in solitude without anyone encouraging me from the sidelines (weird) so I just went to the Y and did it by myself.

I’m REALLY close to getting a bodyweight pull-up but had to use a heavy counterweight assist to get through 100 of them and I did the push-ups on my knees (duh). But I felt really strong on the run and squats so I pushed really hard with a 7:30-mile pace (I’m more of a 9:30-mile kind of girl if we’re honest) and that felt good.

The whole thing took me 52 minutes and was as grueling as it sounds, which is the whole idea, I guess–to willingly subject yourself to some agony in honor of fallen soldiers. I feel like my hour in the gym is way way way too petty in comparison but I did feel extra motivated given the meaning behind it and I’m glad I did it.

This was a detour from my daily Kayla Itsines workout that, yes, I’m still doing. I’m in Week 22 and freaking love it… still. (You can read about the first 12 weeks here.)


  1. I’m so glad you’re back! This sounds really strange coming from a complete stranger I’m sure, but I’ve discovered your blog a few months ago and loved it immediately. I hope you keep blogging for a long time! 🙂

  2. Nice work on your Murph! I did it in 71:20, straight through, with only scaling push-ups to my knees. Felt pretty good. I really should try those almonds the next time I go to TJ’s!

    • Katie Katie

      I seriously hurt everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

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